one of my favoritest bands (piebald) has a new cd which is awesome but once again i am reminded how small this island is because i cant seem to find it anywhere to buy and its making me mad. haha plus they have tons of shows back home and i dont get to go and see them + mates of state, sniff sniff. i moved before i even got to seem them after their new ablum came out. which by the way has to be one of my top 5 of all time. its so awesome. nothing makes you wanna dance more. ahhh dancing. there is an 80’s club downtown that im trying to get kev to go to with me. it will be fun.
we are going to a carnival today.
i miss my moms and dads

  1. anonymous •

    We miss you too!!

    Love Mom & Dad xoxox

  2. anth_lau •

    Hey remember when we went to see Mates of State in Boston and the show was sold out. That stunk. Do you want me to buy the cd for you and mail it to you? Or you could just order it online. Speaking of which, do you guys have a webcam? If not you could get one, they’re not that expensive, and we could chat that way. There is this free program that you can use to chat, kindof like AIM only video. It’s called Skype. So let me know if you’re up to it. I’m so dumb, I’ve been sending pictures to your cellphone, even after I know you lost it.

  3. anonymous •

    american hearts… i know it’s a throw back song but i didn’t even know they had a new cd until now… thanks!! i’ll need to check it out

    your friend from the north, Aaron

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