north shore…

so the other day we heard that the biggest swell yet was coming in up on the north shore and the waves were going to get as high as 30ft. So up we went along with half the island and although we sat in traffic for awhile and all crowded on the beach in a small section because pipeline was closed…. it was awesome!!! The day before we went up as well with hilary justin jenni toby and cody and hung out on the beach for the day. Kev and toby decided that they were going to go boogie boarding in pipeline. This is the beach that is world famous for the largest waves… anyways me and jenni were scared to death watching them. The waves were by no means small- they were huge. It was terrifying.

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  1. anonymous •

    did you get my comment yesterday, i hope so , the color of the water and the waves looks beautiful, just stay out of the big waves!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love mom R

  2. jenni_n_kev •

    tommorow we are going boogie boarding at a beach with small waves, so i’ll be safe. But its only in preparation to get me ready for the big eddie quicksilver contest. Thats the one that only takes place when the waves are over 40feet. Thats pretty much double these. YIKES!

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