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December 2006

it was the jelly fish i swear…

this is the hand of a man who lost his wedding ring in the waves…

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so the honolulu marathon was on sunday and our friend jenny was running in it, She asked for so encouragement runners the last 6.2 miles so me and kev jumped in. It was alot of fun!!! It was so exciting running with everyone, although i felt little guilty when all the cheerers would cheer us on as we ran by but we had only just begun running. haha anyways it was a good day. i am so proud of jenny i cant imagine being able to run 26 miles. yikes!

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its surf time in the north shore…

so its winter time here (well supposedly) and that means big surf. All the big companys (volcom, quicksilver, billabong, rip curl, etc…) set up there houses along pipeline for the next couple months to house all their pro sufers. And let me tell you there are very very nice houses, right on the beach, there sweet! Each of them have banners and company gear everywhere so you can tell whos house it is. Its pretty exciting to sit up there and watch it all. The waves are huge and look more like an avalance coming toward you than a wawve just crashing.

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1. we come home in 13 days (and counting)

2. i have slept with a sweatshirt on the last 2 nights cause its cold here at night now. Well it might actually be like 70 something (i may die of hyperthermia when i come home)

3. we went to 7-11 the other night to get some hot chocolate because starbucks was closed and they are both our next door nieghbors, well i found out that that 7-11 carries non other than COFFEE CRISP BARS. crazy ???? (to those who dont know they are my favorite chocolate bar from canada. Funny thing is they say they are made in canada but instead of french and english on it like they usually have printed on them. it was english and spanish?

4. They murder mystery party is going to be one heck of a good party (that is if everynone plays there part) We made the invites last night and kev did an awesome awesome job, so far we have a confirmed list of 36 people.

5. I have found 2 radio stations that play constant christmas music which makes me very happy. They are pre-set in the car and on my alarm clock, which i like to use as background music when i serenade kev with a christmas song before i go to sleep at night. I know that my rendition of hark the herald angels sing almost brought him to tears last night cause it was so moving. haha

6. I bought a new christmas outfit to wear the pops on christmas eve!! im so excited.

7. For people who read this everyone should plan on going to ralphs dec. 23rd and maybe the 16th because we will be there and everyone should come and hang out.

8. We made something special for eric and erin for their wedding which we are sending to them soon and i just have to say that its the best thing we have ever made in the history of scaffolding journals.

9. Snowboarding season has started. it will be awesome to get to go when we are home.

10. One of the teachers told me that the parents here go crazy at christmas time with presents. ooooh baby!

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