no socks…

so i have not worn socks in about 7 months. I didnt even bring any socks here to hawaii with me, sooo that means that i dont even own a pair of socks. Then I bought a new pair of running shoes the other day because i figured my stupid reeebok old school shoes werent cutting it now that we are running close to 5 miles day and im suffering from constant shin splints. Now i didnt wear socks in those old shoes so i figured i wouldnt wear them in these ones either cause i hate socks, well that didnt go over very well because i got the worse blisters EVER on both heels from it. So i needed socks but i dont own socks remember, i guess i could go out an buy some but i cant bring my self to do that yet. Any ways erin sent me halloween socks for my birthday that i had yet to wear and had been keeping them for when i went home cause in the winter i love socks just not in warm weather. WELL those purple bat socks saved my heels life. THey may not be the most fashionable pair of socks/ running shoe combination you have ever seen but they do the trick for me. Now i bet you are all stunned that i could write such a long post about a pair of purple bat socks…

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