so there has been alot of stuff going on here with us. Its gettting kind of depressing for me that there are constant reminders everywhere that it is suppose to feel like christmas the greatest time of the year and it just doesnt. How can it though? Christmas to me is cold weather snow and family none of which we have. We keep going to borders and i keep trying to listen to the one christmas cd that i really want “third day christmas offerings” but they only let me hear little snipits of each song. grrr. Anyways i had 2 new christmas cds i bought last year and i wish that i had brought them. Its still 25 more days till we come home. Far but near i guess. WE ARE SO EXCITED TO COME HOME!!! we cant wait to see everyone, and my grandparents are coming for christmas which is awesome. all i have to say is that amy better be home too! Mom R got us tickets to go see the pops again on christmas eve, yippie!!!1 I absolutly loved going last year so i am so excited to go again. PLus I cant wait to wear some fancy christmas outfit. ok ok enough about christmas, although we would be going to get our christmas tree back home on friday, sniff sniff.

ERic and Erin got married on Saturday!!!! We are so so happy for them, i hope that it was an awesome day. We are so bummed we had to miss it. moving away has made us realize how much people should value their friends. We are also sad cause we know they are moving sometime at the end of the school year, which is of course awesome for them but sad they wont be there when we get back. I cant wait to see pictures of the wedding!!

Laura will be due in one… ONE month when i see her at christmas. that is crazy! I cant believe it. little baby anthony.

has anyone ever seen the pete and pete episode where pete is the range boy who dresses as a bear and pete and arty are trying to win the longest shot competition but end up hitting a turtle and giving it amnesia? its awesome!

we had an art show on saturday night, well kev did and i just put stuff up under his name. Its was so much fun making all our pieces and rushing to get them finished but the art show was kinda lame. Oh well, it was still fun. PLus we got the magazine that kev is the features artist in this month. It looks great, well of course his stuff looks great, the lady just did a crappy job laying it all out.

we are going ot be having a mexican thanksgiving this year and boy o boy are we excited. We are going over to our friends matt and bethany and having a huge mexican feast with tamales +plus lots. heheh we are looking forward to it.

we saw the movie last kiss last night, it was exactlly like garden state but about 10 times more depressing. good over all but hard to shake the depressing feeling you were left with.

i apologize for mispelling, i hate correcting it, i type as i think and then post. hehe sorry

  1. anonymous •

    Hey guys! Thanks for calling the other night, it meant a lot that you were thinking about us!

    …and of course we’ve seen that episode of Pete & Pete… we own all the episodes on DVD. We can watch them when you come home!

    Mr. & Mrs. Aldrich

  2. jenni_n_kev •

    we have season 1on dvd, thats why i posted it we had just wanted watched it. but i will say we have to watch them when we come home with you. Pete and pete never gets old? Is old pete in the movies slackers??

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