sniff sniff…

its hard to have your mom here and then have to say good bye and then go back to life with out family.
p.s did i mention that we hit a dog??
it was crazy and scary. all the sudden the dog jumped out of the moving truck (we didnt know that part until after) in the other direction of traffic but all we saw suddenly was this flying thr the air and tumbling right in front of the car was this dog. kev slammed on the brakes but he hit the front corner of the bumper. there was a big dent, we ran back to see if the dog was ok, the owners obvisously stopped to and told us he jumped out. The dog was bleeding a little in places and he was limping but he was going to be ok. It was scary though.

  1. anonymous •

    It’s awful hard to visit your daughter and son-in-law and then have to say good-bye and fly back to…well let’s just say it is not Hawaii! Yeah hitting the the dog was alittle scary but she was going to be fine. Just walked in the door from awhole day of travel, delayed flights, rushing to catch connections, packed planes and I even managed to spill a whole glass of orange juice in my lap at the beginning the flight. (I was just thankful that I didn’t get the man sitting beside me) So, just let me say I wish I was back in Hawaii with you guys – it was so great, very short but I love every minute.
    Thanks again for your hospitality and can’t wait until you guys come home for Christmas.
    Have a great week.

    Mom xoxoxo

  2. reealitee •

    I would have been crying so bad if that happened to me! Oh Yeah – and you’re not having too much luck keeping that Element from getting all beat up now are you.

  3. jenni_n_kev •

    there battle scars, it makes her tougher!

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