earthquakes and fish tanks…

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so its sunday morning 7:10am and we are both woken up by our bed shaking around like crazy and not knowing what the heck is going on. There was an earthquake here sunday morning well 2 to be exact and then 21 aftershocks. The big one is the one that woke us up is was a 6.6 mag earthquake which seems crazy lucking it was centered on the big island so there wasnt to much damage here. Then i guess there was a 5.8 earthquake after. Our power went out around 7:15am and then our phones starting ringing from people that had heard and wanted to know if we were ok, but we didnt have any idea what was going on cause know we didnt have power to watch the news or listen to radio. Well our power didnt come back on untill 8:45pm and it was a miserable day out it poured all day so there was nothing to do, we were so bored. That morning i had made reservations at the pacific beach hotel for brunch becuase i heard they had an awesome brunch and the resaurant is centered around this giant aquarium. Its like the boston aquarium with a resaurant all around it. Anyways i called and they said they were still open even though the entire island didnt have power so we went down there. I wasnt sure if we should go and maybe just push it back till next weekend but we got seated right next to the aquarium wall and they said the brunch was open we walked around and there wasa no breakfast food it was all seafood. I was so upset cause kev doesnt eat seafood, they said they didnt have all the waffle bar and panckaes cause of the power. But i guess some waiter heard us talking about what to do because he said he could go make kev some pancakes. good thing.
anyways me mike and erin had planned a little treat for kev. They have a diver dive int he tank to feed the sting rays and fish like 2 a twice a day but you can arrange for the diver to hold a sign. Even though it looked like it said happy birthday kev mike and erin, he loved it!

  1. reealitee •

    Yuck fish for brunch. That just doesn’t make sense. Anyway – happy belated birthday kev!

  2. anonymous •

    that was cool with the diver and the sign at first the diver looked kind of like kev that was sweet of mike and erin to plan that with jen’s help of course. the diver was giving you the island sign i caught that, nice b day gift i’m sure the pancakes were good too but how did they make them on a bbq grill, didn’t other people want them when they saw them ? love mom and dad r

  3. anonymous •

    this looks so great!

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