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so i was at costco yesterday looking for some kind of frozen treat to bring for dessert to our bachelor party (tv show). we met at jennis house and eat dinner and watch it. but anyways i found a box that had all these tropical sobets in it. There was pineapple, coconut, pina coloda, orange mango and lemon. I figured that would be good. When i got home i realized just how awesome they were. They are all in hollowed out fruit. Thats a real pineapple that its in. The coconut is in a coconut, there is one in an orange and the lemon is in you guessed it a lemon rine. How swweet is that. I was so excited. Its just so neat!!!

  1. anonymous •

    I had orange sherbet in a real orange skin in a up scale resturant in California in the spring. It was the most expensive desert on the menu – I thought that was funny – creme brulee, chocolate truffle cake, tarimsu etc etc. and the sherbet the most money like $7 bucks.
    They told us it came from Italy! Now I’m think’n it came from Cosco’s in Honolula!!! It was very flavorful and fun to eat.
    Save me one – I’ll have lemon when I come out.

    Mom xoxoxo

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