mmm its friday night and i was just told i had to go into the computer room so that kev (who has been gone for awhile) could come in and set something up for date night… i dont know what it is but im very excited!!!

so work was awesome today, i switched shift with the afternoon girl today cause she needed to dosomething this afternoon so i didnt have to be there till 12 (ahhh sleeping in) so from 12-1230 we ate lunch then from 1230-100 we set up their cots with their blankets and they read stories and then from 1 to 3 they sleep. I wasnt sure they actually slept but they all fall asleep so quick and they were out the entire time. then i wake them up at 3 which takes really till about 330, then we had snack and watched a movie til 415 and then we went outside and played ont he playground till 5. by 5 everyone is gone. well when i got there there was 11, then by 3 there was 8 then by 4 there was 6 and then all the sudden there was 2. Its so sweet. I think im going to try to stop being the teacher and just work afterschool, i know one of the ladies just left for maternity leave.

so im getting a mary kay make over tomorrow. i dont know how i got myself into this. im doing it with the girls we met at the church the wives are getting marykay makeovers while the guys are going surfing. surfing??? since when do i prefer being one of the wives i want to be a husband i want to surf! anyways i never ever have zits and of course never ever have any kind of facial done but yet in the same week i have both. ugh.
the marykay lady called me to talk about skin types but i didnt take the call and havent called her back, eeeek. i dont know what to say. mary kay: “so what color foundation do you use?” me:”ummm whats foundation?”

the birds here are crazy. we have hit one while driving already it flew right into the car on the high way no less but like everyday its like playing chicken with them. plus they look like dinosaurs. they have road runner tall legs. plus then there are the monogooses they look like fuzzy lizards. Maybe hawaii is where all the dinosaurs went. but back to monogooses, they are so weird. there are no squirrels here but there are these monogoose things, they are creepy and ferret size.

so scaffolding is making its return. well i guess the spirit never went away we are in hawaii arent we but anywyas be bought a ton of art supplies the other day.

  1. anonymous •

    Don’t leave us all hanging…. what did Kevin set-up for you for date night? or, can you say??

    Mom xoxox

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