so the cat drama comes to an end…

so hopefully (we still have our fingers crossed) we are getting rid of the cats tomorrow. Tedra (the shelter owner) has been a little flakey and giving us guilt trips about giving the cats back. But i think the time has finally come -tomorrow. Last night i had some candles lit and i came into the kitchen wear I had a red one lit and i found wax EVERYWhere. It was splattered all over. I knew it was a cat so i looked at all there paws and sure enough- orange cat had his back paw completely covered with red wax. I guess you could say he was caught red handed.

We got Eric and erins wedding invite today in the mail. They looked awesome, but it made me really sad because i know we arent going to be able to go and i really want to. I hate missing out on things especially on our friends getting married. boooo I think their cats should wear tuxes and be the ring bears. It would be awesome.

i found some really good I mean really good home accessories the other day at the good will. I was very excited. I m trying to make our place look more like a home and less like a college dorm room.
Casey is coming in 3 weeks. We are so so so excited. She will now be our first guest.

  1. anonymous •

    We wish you could make it too, but we knew it would be impossible when we sent the invite. We just wanted to make sure you guys knew we were thinking about you and it just didn’t feel right not to send one.

    It’s kind of like the cats are getting married too, sort of. It’s kind of untraditional, as Ishmael will be taking Razzles last name!

    – Eric and Erin

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