sniff sniff

i just went to the supermarket and i spend 6o dollars but I saved a grand total of 38 dollars. I am the best super saving shopper ever!!
plus i saw the crazy teacher from school, i hid down the frozen food section.
thats the second person i have seen out and about here that i know in hawaii. weird.

  1. reealitee •

    Go Jen! so thrifty!

  2. anonymous •

    hi, guys. i haven’t been on here since you guys got the kittens so i just read all of your recent entries and looked at all the pictures and watched all the videos. and then i cried. i miss you guys so much. (so does mike but he’s at work right now.) i have so many different feelings as i look through these pages. i’m in awe that you guys get to be surrounded with such incredible beauty every single day. i am so proud of you guys for really siezing the opportunity to do what you are doing even though you must have been scared. i’m so excited for you that you’re having an amazing adventure together in an amazing place. and i’m sad that we’re sort of missing out on eachothers lives right now. the fact that i’ve never been to your apartment- that feels weird! even if you are like, 4, 000 miles away- it’s still wierd that i’ve only seen it in video form. mike and i want to vist. seriously. we’re trying to figure out if and when we’d be able to do it. we’re really poor right now- really poor. but mike won’t be eligible for vacation time until next summer anyway. hopefully we’ll have more money next year. but even still, i guess the hospital gives out it’s vacation time to senior staff first and we may not get any vacation time until the fall of 2007- and we don’t know if you guys will even be in hawaii anymore at that point! i’m seriously stressed about this. i feel a very strong need to expereince your lives with you out there. not to mention the fact that we’d love to go to hawaii anyway! wow- i am rambling. i guess i could have called you to talk about this- but i was caught in a moment. i think i will call you with this. i miss you guys so much. (again, with the sniff sniff) i love you guys and i will talk to you soon!

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