flowers and rainbows…

I got my very first flower delivery ever yesterday although I was at the beach when they came they were sitting on our doorstep when we got back. They are very beautiful and they even came with party favors. Yipppie!!! Thanks mom and dad I loved them!!!!!

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Yesterday we also so the biggest and BRIGHTEST full rainbow we had ever seen. It made both of us stop what we were doing and say…. “WwwOW” It was crazy, it was also a double rainbow, the second one wasnt as bright but it was still awesome.

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  1. anonymous •

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JENNNNN HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!now you have to sing it , the flowers look beautiful just like you and the rainbow is awesome, also looked at the beach picture they were great, good to see pictures of you guyes it makes me feel better, jenn watch out in the water we keep lectureing kev on that now don’t follow in his dangerous footsteps and be too adventureous, i don’t want to have to start worrying more and more sso you both better be careful!!! It sounds like your having a nice three day birthday weekend enjoy we’ll call you later today love yu guyes xoxoxoxox mom and dad

  2. thesewingsrust •

    sweet bathrobe!!

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