its apartment viewing time.

here is a video of the apartment. we dont have a video camera we are only using a camera and it doesnt record sound which is annoying but its all we got. anyways.
here it is so far…

let us know if its not working maybe im posting this wrong.

  1. thesewingsrust •

    hahaha. you guys are too cute. the place looks good! way better then our apartment. maybe we should have had you guys decorate ours. haha.

    – amanda

  2. anonymous •

    the apartment looks great it was great to see pictures of you guys although we couldn’t see your face jen but the wave made me feel good! It looks like you have accumulated some good stuff for the apartment it looks very homey lots of pictures hanging , good job enjoy. love mom and dad R

  3. reealitee •

    That was so awesome! You guys have quite the little hawaiian set up! I’m so excited for you. It looks like the perfect place for you and all your illegal cats.

    That video clip thing is great – you gotta tell me how to do that, I would like to put my apartment on my journal for you to see.

    Yes I love Technology, but not as much as you you see, but I love technology, Always and forever.

  4. jenni_n_kev •

    your post always crack me up.
    yes everyone we do have illegal cats.
    anyways i just took the clip on the camera and then i uploaded it to my photobuckets page under the video section, the copy and paste the img code to your live journal.

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