TT and the plaque

so anyone who was really observant would have notice in the picture of the bedroom that Tonya Tonsil was sitting in the corner of the bed. Now this might make you wonder how did tonya tonsil get to hawaii or even who the heck is tonya tonsil anyways? Well that is a story for another time, (well probably when i get back fron running- im feeling the pressure from kev to get going…) but my mom sent her to me the other day in a box. She was looking as good as ever but had a new cape that she had dressed herself in from a blanket from my bed at home.

Plus here is a picture of my amazing find from savers the other day, its a doozie!

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  1. anonymous •

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for the post card. Just thought I’d drop a quick line back. Looks like you’re having an amazing time. I’ve spent the better part of my evening getting caught up on your whole trip and everything looks so awesome! I’m going to start paddling the ole kayak south until I strike land down there and find you guys for a visit. I had coconut ice cream tonight as a tribute to you guys haha. Keep the goodtimes a-rollin!! -Dan

  2. anonymous •

    So glad that Tonya Tonsil arrived in Hawaii safe and sound (I think that’s the first time I have seen that expression written out and it’s kinda dumb – what does the “sound” mean – I don’t always get alot of things so bare with me.)
    Anyway, back to Tonya Tonsil, if the box had of been bigger I would have jumped right in there with her. It was alittle hard for me to part with her because just a little squeeze connected me with you Jen. Well, I figured you might need her alittle more than I did.
    Whoever is reading this is probably saying “who the heck is Tonya Tonsil and what’s the story” Stay tuned.

    Love U guys
    Mom xoxox

  3. anonymous •

    I forgot to mention the “plaque” – I can’t believe you found that – it’s great! Nothing like being proud of your roots. yeah CANADA!!!


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