get ready for the over abundance of cat pics all the time…

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we have named the other 2. The black one is vador (its been a long time dream come true for me) and the other one having been inthe cabinet for the first hour and a bit of his life here at the apartment has been named cabinet. It was tough though we really wanted to name them after some great cats making them pt. 2’s and so forth, but that doesnt me we dont love our cat friends out there in MA.

  1. reealitee •

    Good names, but coconut face may have been better. 😉

  2. anonymous •

    The kitties are so cute! As I am house sitting for mom and dad.. pirate just goes crazy meowing all the time.. and its funny because she taught herself to turn on the sink to drink the water… and I always wondered why their water dish was always so full.

  3. anonymous •

    We don’t buy just ordinary cats – ours are extra ordinary and very talented. (no offence to your little foster kitties)
    Working on Gully to straigten the guestroom quilt when she’s done layin on it. Taking some time – I’ll keep you posted.

    Love U

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