what a good husband…

as i sit here writing to you guys, kev is in the kitchen cleaning up all the dishes from dinner. how sweet huh? he does everynight too!! I sure am lucky.
i promise the pictures of the apt. are coming soon. here is another little treat to hold you over. The camera is sitting on our tv looking back towards the kitchen and the hallway down to the bedrooms and things. our dining room table is to the left. I got some nice accesories from savers the other day. I was so excited to find a savers because they are seriously the best thrift store out there. They size and color everything. It wasnt as good as the one on park ave. but it was close. Anyways I found the best plaque there ever, i had to buy it so we could hang it in the apartment. Ill take a picture of it for you and post it, then you’ll be able to see for yourselves.
I went grocery shopping tonight, haha it makes me feel very wifey when i go as look for good deals and what i can cook for dinner that week. haha it cracks me up though cause im the wife that is also giving the cart a big push then riding on it as i cruise down the ailse.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

p.s amy did you know that “the todd” is on a soap opera. Its hilarious AND im feeling very very homesick i think i need you to come visit me… sniff sniff. (dad or mom if you are reading amy needs to come visit me i dont think i can go on with out her coming here before school starts for her)

  1. smashrebuild •

    i didnt know that/ which one?? i need to see this. does he act like a tool on that show too. i sure hope so.

    “IM THE TODD!”

    i am missing my sister and brother IMMENSELY too. man if only i could go see them before school starts. i dont know if i can concentrate on my school work if i am missing jen and kev soooooooo much. it would be too distracting thinking and longing for my dear bubble and roman nose.

  2. anonymous •

    Nice try “girls” if you can scrape up $800.00 go for it – this mom and dad are all tapped out let’s see…..2 weddings, school tutition,
    car and insurance payments, family cruise, windows replaced in house,etc. etc. Really wish we could help but there are no funds available here SORRY! Maybe next time.
    Love U

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