me and kev have decided to be parents…

we picked up 4 thats right FOUR kittens this afternoon to foster. We get to keep them for a month until they are old enough and weight enough to go back to the shelter. They arent baby babies they are about 6 weeks old already. 2 of them are white, one is orange and white and one is black and white. We have named 2 of them already the orange one is called scissors, and one of the white ones is called smorgasbord, smorgy for short. The other 2 have yet to emerge for under the couch, so we havent named them yet.
We had a disaster when we first came home, we let them all out and they all scattered and were checking everything out and a few minutes later we notice that we can only account for 3 of them. We looked everywhere and then i realized that the cabinets that run along the floor have an area with out a cabinet just a hole that goes inside that corner piece. ( i know thats the worst explanation-sorry) there is no way inside that area because it just makes the corner piece of the counter. We could hear her in it but couldnt get her out, we had to wait ( like an hour for her) to come out. I think she was really scared cause she would keep poking her head out and then as soon as she saw you she would go back inside.
We are so excited to have the kitties!!!! they are def. no replacements of abbie, gully or pirate, but they help ease the pain and living without our cats.
here is smorgy…

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  1. thesewingsrust •

    oh my god!!!! i want him!!! i miss my kittens so much. remember how cute they were?

  2. anonymous •

    i was wondering how long it would take you two to get somes cats!!!!!!!!! it didn’t take too long! smorgy is very cute i don’t know if i spelled the name right. love mom r

  3. anonymous •

    I haven’t commented yet, but I always mean to, but this just can’t wait! Congratulations. If you want to name the other two Ishmael Jr. and Razzle Pt.2 I know two kitties who would be incredibly flattered…

  4. anonymous •

    This is from Eric, by the way.

  5. reealitee •

    What a great idea, fostering kitties. This way you get your kitty fix and you don’t have to worry about taking them back to massachusetts with you whenever you decide to go back. They are so cute!! I want to come visit and play with them. I wish I was just a ferry ride away 🙁

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