getting fish slapped…

the other day we were down in waikiki at the beach. We decided to go to a part of the beach that has a rock wall barry built a little way out to keep the waves away of the area for families and such. The cool thing is that you can swim out to the rock wall and climb up onto it. The waves on the other side are huge and they hit the wall and spray way up, its awesome to stand up there and see the wave coming to towards you knowing that its going ot hit you any second. Its cool because you see where the wave hits in one spot and then it shoots up along the wall because they dont hit straight on, they always come in angled, so as the wave moves along it continues to hit the wall farther and farther down it. Im sure this doenst make sense but i dont know how else to explain it, I guess your just going to have to come visit and see it.

Anyways when you are standing up on the wall which is very very slimy you can see fish below you when the water gets sucked out alittle before a wwaves come. I was so afraid of getting fish slapped when the wave hit. All i could see was the wave picking up those fish and flinging them up with it when it hit the wall and then the fish hitting me and kev in the face. Its quite funny to think about getting fish slapped.

here is the latest little creature we caught in the office room the oter night. The measuring cup and cutting board come in quite handing when catching these little guys.

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  1. anonymous •

    yo kev, the pix of apartment and lizard are cool

  2. smashrebuild •

    keep him and name him worm.

  3. anonymous •

    You never got that little turtle you always wanted, why don’t you get an aquarium and keep all these little guys you catch and just call them Hawaian turtles (pretend)name the first one Nana.
    Just a thought.

    Love U

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