staples, oil filters and slow bankers

good day everyone. i hope all is well.
Today was a good day. I all started with my alarm going off at 4:45 am. haha anyways when i was leaving this morning at 5:20 i went in to kiss kev goodbye and i kinda shook his shoulder to let him know i was going and he opened his eyes and looked at me and said…”I dont know how to make a password for an oil filter.” haha it was hilarious. I was like ” a what?” and he said laughing now in his sleep “haha that must have been a dream.” When i came home from work today he didnt rememberr saying that at all.

Work was good, its like a little pre-k soap opera in our class everyday. This morning in before school care this little boy evan who is in my before school and my actualy class came in with his mom and his mom said, were you there yesterday when evan hit his head? I didnt know anything about it cause she said she got called at 12:30, I leave at 12. I said no, but I just figured that he had bumped his head, cause we are suppose to call parents when ever no matter how small the accident was when the child hits there head. Then she was like evan show her what happened. He had TWO STAPLES in the back of his head. yikes!!! I guess one of the other girls had pushed evan and he had hit his head on the corner of the toy shelf. This is the same boy that a week ago had his figers caught in the door and had a huge chuck riped out of his ring and middle finger.

I ordered new check today for us. They are sweet the back ground in the hawaiian islands. So you should all expect checks for presents just so we can show them to you. But the bankers here are i think the slowest moving people of all time. Its always no matter how busy it is at least 30 mins everytime your there.

The apt. is coming along nicely, we have all the furniture now. Moving a huge sleeper couch up 3 flights of stairs was probably the worst possible experience. I didnt think we were going to make it. me especially, my arms felt like jello.
pictures to come soon.

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