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we went back to waimea yesterday. The water there is just so clear and its so beautiful there. Kev took some picture so you can see what its like. Isnt the rock jumping awesome?? Its so fun and scary all at the same time. Its pretty high once your up there standing on the edge. It was pretty windy yesterday and when we were swimming this girl was getting into the water with her little blow up raft. She wasnt holding on to it very well and the wind caught it and it blew way in front of her and then it just kept blowing farther and farther out into the ocean, it was wicked funny. Kev just started laughing, i felt bad for the girl cause she was right next to us and here we are laughing but we couldnt help it. Later that day her and her sister (im guessing) had laid there blowup raft things on the beach while they went off somewhere. Next thing me and kev notice is that the rafts are both blown out to the water, a boy had caught the blue one and was using it now as his own, but the girls neon yellow one was way the heck out in the ocean. Its neon yellow color allowed us to watch it for some time as it keep getting farther and farther away. Maybe we are easily amused but it was hilarious.

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the last picture here is not at the beach, its a burnt down house we found by the salvation army. I have noticed that the salvation army’s around here are only filled with way to expensive housewares and furniture and an over abundance of moo moos.
Its sunday today and its 8:31 am here. Kev is still sleeping, I cant really sleep past 8 well 9ish the latest anymore. Getting up early changes my hole sleep pattern, I dont mind the getting up part its the falling asleep at 9:30pm that i dont really like. Anyways we are going to try a new church today that is just down the street, its called calvary chapel. I have a feeling that its a foursquare church, but im hoping that its not and that its awesome and then our church will be so close that we could walkto it if we wanted to. I dontknow what it is about hawaiians and all being foursquare. haha it sounds like they are all into snowboarding cause there is a snowboard company called foursquare, hmm I wonder if they are into speaking in their “spiritual languages” when they are snowboarding?

I made some killer french toast yesterday, def. no competetion with my dads but I would say second. There is bread here called sweet hawaiian bread and Mmmm its really good when you use it for your french toast.
we get our couch today finally, we are both so excited. I am alittle scared that I am not going to be able to carry it with him up to our 3rd floor apartment.

  1. reealitee •

    That beach is awesome. I would be too afraid to jump off the rock that high up. Good luck with the couch. The only thing I could think of was that episode of friends when Ross bought the couch and couldn’t get it up the stairs, “PIVOT” …so funny. And then he returns it all broken in half and destroyed. Just don’t do that. Anyway. Miss you a bunch, glad you keep posting in here, I love being able to keep up with you. Oh and Jen, maybe you should start wearing more sunscreen, I saw what you look like without make-up and it aint pretty.

    love you guys!

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