eeeeeh its our apt…

helllllo everyone.
its sunday night here 9:35
me and kev are making some pizza.
and all i have to say is that it was sweeet.
except we got spilt up, so i didnt get to see his moves (We met missy kevs neighbor from back home here for lunch (she was here for work).
Me and missy were paired together. our instuctor was very funny and very hawaiian.
He kept caling me zena warrior princess and telling me that if we had kids they would be like 6’3″ (refereing to my somewhat tall stature i guess), but I kept telling him that nooooo we couldn’t have kids because i was already married and then him and the other instructors were refering to me as hey “marrried”.
He also kept telling me to relax and he could tell that i wasnt relaxing cause my “ass” was tight. Here I am trying to catch the wave and I am standing up and all i can hear is him yelling something about my “ass”! Anyways, it was incredible to stand up and ride along the water, we loved it!! I hope we buy our own boards soon.
it was good to see some one from home too!
I LOVE OUR APT. yes it is small but Its so perfect for us and it makes being here that much better now that we have our own apt. I got my own art desk tonight at walmart and I am very excited. its not as glamorous as kevs desk for his computer but I love it just the same.
We saw the most amazing worst tattoo today. I just started laughing. I won’t say what it is unless i get harassed enough to explain the story that goes along with it that I created in my head when i saw it. I just dont want to offend anyone who might think that it was the best most amazing tatoo that they had ever seen.
ooops. i dont know how to use this stupid oven because the knobs are like all worn off and i dont know what temp. its on ever. and for like an hour it wasnt cooking and then i turn the knob in a different direction and then all the sudden it was burning. but know its done and im very hungry so im signing off.

  1. anonymous •

    I’m so glad to heard that you love your apt. That makes me feel good. I’m sure with both Kevin and your artistic flair it will be awesome – unique I’m sure. Can’t wait to see it in person until when send some pictures.

    Love Mom xoxox

  2. reealitee •

    You should have told him that it wasn’t that you weren’t relaxing, but that your ass is naturally tight. Buns of steal! Anyway – I am thrilled that you guys are having such an amazing time. If I ever come visit I have to take surfing lessons! ok Zena? Miss you a bunch.

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