fear factor

Hey folks, Kev here.
This is my first entry on this blog. I was finally able to convince Jen to pass the tourch. The first thing I’d like to mention is that the cockroaches here are the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Therefore, after much consideration, I have came to the conclusion that I will never be appearing on Fear Factor. Just seeing a cockroach in the dishwasher last night made me want to go buy a new set of dishes. I can’t imagine sticking my head in a tank full of them for a few minutes to win a measly 50 grand. I would be so traumatized by the experience that I would have to spend the whole prize on my rehabilitation bill, and I would probably never be the same again. On another note, for the first time in my whole life my thighs have tranformed from a blinding shade of spank white to a much more tolerable gradient of light brown to pearl. Ok, now that you understand why this is my first time at the helm of the journal I will move onto something a bit more pleasent.
Jen and I have been waking up at 4:45 every morning in order to get her to work by 5:45. We usually turn in anywhere from 10:30 to 12:30, which leaves us with with an average of 5.25 hours of sleep a night. Who am I kidding, this isn’t “more pleasant” news, but to tell you the truth, I kind of like it. It’s funny to have people saying good morning at 11:30 when I’ve been awake for what feels like a full day by then.
We have been consistently makeing purchases for our new apartment and we are happy to announce that the place looks awesome! As soon as we get a few more things we will take some pictures and post them here to show everyone how to trasform 500 sq feet of extreamly expensive space into a cozy, yet spacious, pad.
We are both anxiously awaiting our first visitors. Any takers? We have a pull out couch and could give you an awesome tour of the island. All you need to pay for is the airfare. Not too bad, ya? (hawaiian’s say “ya” after everything. Very similar to the Canadian “eh”)
I was going to mention something about how hot it has been here lately, but then I realized that MA probably has 5-10 degrees on us, so I won’t go there now. I’ll save that entry for next January when we are getting burnt at the beach, and everyone else is shoveling snow.
That seems to be enough rambling for now. We miss everyone like crazy and love to read your comments. Keep em’ coming!

  1. thesewingsrust •

    hahahahahahahahahahaha. i miss you guys.

  2. anonymous •

    Keep the journal going, I go into it everyday to see if you two have added to it. I miss and Love the both you. Emily

  3. anth_lau •

    You crack me up kev! And thank you for that rather descriptive illustration about your man-thighs. I’m going to have some interesting nightmares tonight about ugly roaches with long pale hairy legs climbing out of my dishwasher. We miss you guys a ton and can’t wait to see pictures of your new place. Give Jen a big hug for me!

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