first day of work…

today although was not really my first day of work was the first day with the kids. it was really good. CRAZY but good. I guess that can be expected for the first day with 24 4yrs. We went down to the apt today and some guy caught us on the way out of the leasing office and asked us if we wanted a tv for free. we were kinda shocked and then he said he had a flat screen tv he wanted to get rid of for free and we could have it if wanted to. ummm duh of course we’ll take it!!! Its like a 30 inch flat screen tv. its sweet! lucky us

i just cant get enough of these pineapple burgers…

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  1. anonymous •

    Hi Jenn and Kevin, I finally got to a computer at the library that has high speed internet so I could look at all your journal entries and pictures. The wedding dress is just beautiful – how did you find it so quickly. The whole family looks just great too and all tanned from the cruise. Love the pictures of Hawaii too – it looks a lot like Kauai too so it brought back lots of memories. It is a beautiful island and who could hate being near water all the time. I love just sitting and listening to the waves – so soothing and a great place to talk to God – the ocean has always been my “church”. Love the burgers too and the fruit is just so much better there as it ripens naturally which is so unusual for us to taste.

    Hope you continue to settle in – I totally understand needing to find things that make you feel like home – I found a small hardware store near our home and today I found two large stores that are like Home Depot and Canadian Tire so I found like I found my comfort places.

    Take care Love Auntie Jean

  2. anonymous •

    Hi guys
    I bought a pineapple today and thought of your picture. This one will not be going in a bun – maybe when I visit you could introduce me to this new taste experience.
    Love and miss you both a ton!!

    Mom xoxoxo

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