I was doing goood…

i havent been feeling homesick lately, which i was very proud of but i do very much so right now. it usually starts off small, like over something that you liked. Today it was the craft room. I was feeling like a wanted to do something fun or creative or something but i dont have anything with me. nothing. I didnt even know if they had craft stores around here. I knew there were no michaels or ac moores. I found one eventually they have ben franklins here, it wasnt too shabby either but i walk around there and i realize how fortunate i was to have all these resourcses at my fingertips at home. I bought some stuff to make some kind of cross stitch. I needed something it makes me feel at home to do stuff like that i guess. I think im going to make a hawaiian welcome sign for our new apartment.

  1. reealitee •

    well if it makes you feel any better i think that home is feeling jen/kevsick.

    Atleast i know i am.

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