july 27th 2006…

me and kev got our VERY FIRST APARTMENT TODAY!!!!!! We are so excited!!! We applied for it almost 2 weeks ago and we final got it today. We found out yesterday that the reason it was taking so long was because they had put our application on hold because… they said kev had a criminal record here in Hawaii. WHAT???? We couldnt believe it, the lady on the phone said that it showed that he or should we say “kevin richardson” was arrested 2 times in 2001 in Hawaii. To make a long story kinda short it was this huge ordeal which should never have happened but… we thought we were going to have to go down to the court house so kev could get finger printed and then investigated so we could prove that this wasnt him. They said it would take 10 days which we knew meant we would lose the apt. but the we talked to another lady at the court house and she couldn’t understand how the realtor had confused kev with this kevin richardson, all they had to do was look at the birth date or ss#. I mean come on we paid an application fee for them to figure this all out and then they expected us to go down to the court house and pay 10 more dollars just to get a piece of paper that said that that wasnt kev. ughhhh huge hassel but kev did it anyways. He took care of it all. I had to work but when he picked me up he had cleared his name and already had put our deposit on the place. YIPPPIE!!!! I guess the convicted kevin richardson was some old black man. ???

today was also goood because i got to ride in my very first CONVERTIBLE!!! it was so fun. Its like being on a rollercoaster kinda, or maybe a boat but just on land not water. “nice girl” came to pick me and kev up at the car rental place because we changed car rentals because alamo was screwing us over and our car has yet to be shipped from CA still. (thats a whole other hassel) but anyways she had rented a car today too and her car was a convertible. If you come to hawaii thats the way to get around, its so awesome seeing the mountains with no roof blocking your view. We are all going to go up to the north shore on saturday in it.

also today we were at the book store and all the sudden kev was like “WHOOA look… how perfect it this?” There was some photo magazine (a real thick one) that was called “lula” and underneath that in the only other words on the cover said “the perfect girl for me” haha isnt that so funny. I looked thru the book which was pretty cool – it had a story on jenny lewis a singer I really like and then some photo section that was titled “the mini pony club camp” Ummm that was just freaky cause the magazine is already called LULA but then has a story about mini pony’s. hehe

it is also lauras b-day
Happy birthday

those are my snip its for july 27th 2006

  1. thesewingsrust •

    hahahaha. i was reading about the mini pony part and i always laugh because i can picture a mini pony in my head and they look so funny:

    that’s awesome though that you guys got an apartment. post photos of it once you guys have it all decorated and stuff. good luck!

    parker says hi!

  2. reealitee •

    WOW – you sure had a busy day. I am thrilled for you guys that you got the apartment. I can’t wait to see pictures. And that whole thing with “kevin richardson” – I gotta say, that makes the whole situation a lot more interesting. Jen, are you SURE kev has never been to hawaii before???

    I have only ridden in a convertible once. It must have been so cool to do that in Hawaii. And lula magazine – that is too weird. But i think i remember hearing that lula means something in hawaiian. So I googled it – but i think it’d be inappropriate to tell you what I found.

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