our second cockroach and attempt at boogie boarding…

so last night kev come into the room and said he had to show me something in the bathroom. I went in and there was a huge freakin cockroach in the tub. It was so big!! After being freaked out I stepped up to the plate to get rid of it. I got a zip lock bag and after some fighting with it got it into the bag. I let it go outside.

Its awesome to be able to go swimming everyday. We love it. I think we have only not gone swimming one day since we’ve been here. We are getting better at booogie boarding, well thats a lie. Kev is getting way way better I just cant do it yet. Its hard when you dont have a good board or your own flippers. Its almost impossible to catch the wave without the flippers. We also foudn out the body boarding is awesome too, but thats still in beginning stages. We’ll be experts before you know it.

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  1. anonymous •

    I was pretty “icked out” when we first moved to Florida with the bug thing. We have someone come every two months and spray for bugs inside and outside of our house. I never see any. Do they do that there?
    Hey, isn’t a Hurricane coming your way? I thought I saw something on the news last night?
    You guys look like you’re having way too much fun!…I’m glad.
    Love, Auntie Robin

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