jets, helicopters and trumpets…

so i have a few things to write and post, they will prbably take up the next couple posts. ( I will break them down into small posts instead of one giagantic one. Where we are staying right now in right on Kaneohe bay and if you look at a map you will realize that on the top edge of the bay is a marine corps base. You can see it very clearly from the porch here. Its really cool cause we see alot of helicopters that fly out over the bay and hoover over the water and you can see them jumping out of the helicopter into the water and then you see them climb up ropes back in. They must be doing training, its cool to see. Also sometimes (sometimes even a couple times a day) you see fighter planes taking off from the base too, its awesome cause the jets will come flying out 2 at a time and come out over the bay and and the sweep around and then out into the sky. It reminds me of my dad cause he use to take us to air shows when i was little. Also every morning ang night we here the trumpet plaing over there. Its cool.

The other night I had a dream about pirate (our cat). I dreamt that my mom gave her away to some rich older snooby lady and when i went to get her back the lady had her in this vacumn sucked clear bag cat suit that only had little slits for her mouth and nose and eyes. She said she put her animals in these little suits so their hair didnt get everywhere. I was so mad in my dream.

Here are some pictures from the other night in waikiki…

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all the sidewalks are lined with tiki torchs that burn at night
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