things that dont go together…frosted flakes and ants

so i was sitting down yesterday watching tv (boy meets world) with kev and eating a healthy little snack of frosted flakes when i notice that there is a very large gathering of ants inside the bag. Then I notice that the outside is covered with ants. Ugghhhh. It was disgusting. I was grossed out and very disappointed I couldnt eat more frosted flakes.
There are ants everywhere here. They are just these tiny little ones, but they are annoying.

We saw are first cockroach the other night. It was in the parking lot of borders. It was huge. Kev spit on it and those suckers can move fast! It was a little terrifying.

There is a a girl that is living here for a month and a half from california. She is 29 and a high school teacher. At first I would see her arond the house an wave to be friendly and then I would see her in the kitchen and just small talk as we crossed paths. But know I see her all the time and we talk alot and I dont know her name and its too late to ask. Me and kev just call her “nice girl” to each other because she is just so nice. She just made us french toast for breakfast with hawaiian bread because I had mentioned the other day that we were sick of eating toast and jam for breakfast. milk is like 6 dollars and something cents here.

we are off to a swap meet (with “nice girl) and some garage sales. I have decided that my goal or should I say my prize i want to find is a sewing machine. Laura got me thinking cause she said she asked for one for her birthday, and i dont have one cause im not home (sniff sniff) so now i want one too!
I want to learn how to make hawaiian quilts there just so pretty but tooo too expensive.

p.s more pictures to come soon. I just dont have time right now to put them up

  1. anonymous •

    Maybe you can inntroduce nice girl to Mike Burns? Or maybe te cockroach?


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