swimming with sharks and floating dogs…

we went running at the beach today, which we have been trying to do everyday but havent been so successful. Anyways after a nice refreshing swim after the run we were walking back and passed a guy that was fishing who looked like he had caught something. We stopped cause we wanted to see what he got and were very surprised when then guy reeled in a baby hammerhead shark!!!!!! It was awesome, it was about 2.5-3 feet long. They are so crazy looking with their eyes on the side of their hammers. We got to touch it and everything!!!! it was sweet.

Next when we were swimming again i noticed that on top of the waves kinda far out in the distance there looked to be a dog. The dog wasnt swimming though it looked like it was just standing on top of the water. It was so funny looking. We saw after that there was a guy swimming and he must have had his boogie board tied to his hand or something and pulling it behind him with his little dog standing on top of it. They werent anywhere near the shore so it looked really funny like that dog was just floating on by.

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