did i say that everyone should check out kevs website?
oooh i did. well ill just write it again then

there are a few bugs still, dont worry though its still amazing. isnt he talented?
for some reason when you click on any one of the photo print sketch links the 6th image shows up first instead of the first so it doesnt match the type. but just click on the first white box below to fix it to the first image!

  1. anonymous •

    hey guys glad to hear you all made it to hawaii. i made it to austin. its been over 100 degrees heat index everyday. so i am dealing with that. anyhow, God bless you. brentos

  2. anonymous •

    This live journal thing is so cool. Thanks for hooking us up.
    You are on quite an adventure and it’s fun to share a little bit of it with you. You are in our prayers often. Let me know if there is something specific you need prayer for o.k.? Love, Auntie Robin
    P.S. If you’d like, I could email you a few pictures from David & REna’s wedding if you like.

  3. anonymous •

    i love this live journal we feel like we are not missing out on your adventure love the pictures, keep them coming, talk to you soon love mom and dad R

  4. anonymous •

    Hola Kev and Jen,

    I wrote the comment asking to come surf, but I refused to write my name, or forgot. And….I checked out your site Kev. AMAZING!


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