we found an apt…

So we found an apt. that we really really like, we filled out an application and are just waiting to see if we get it. Its in an apt. village called Hibiscus Hills. We hopefully will find out tomorrow if we got it. Today was a good day we found a craft store, it was no ac moore but it was at least something. Kev found a job and applied to be a photographer in a studio. We found a pet store which helped with our homesick feeling from missing our cats. They had all these puppies and one of them was a mini pom. it was so small and fluffy. It was crackin me up cause it looked like those wind up dogs in the front of kb toys that yelp and then do a little flip. We also saw about 7 hang gliders, coming over the mountains and out over the ocean. It was so cool looking. I want to do it. We also climed up diamond head to see the crater. The views from up there were awesome. It was extremely hot though. A huge shaved ice helped though. Its very popular here. Its the some thing as a snowcone just with better flavors. THE COOLEST thing though was that we climed down into this little bay area today and we saw SEA TURTLES!!!!! They were right in front of us in the water. Its one thing to see them when they are in an aquarium but in real life its amazing. One guy in the water that was snorkling was grabbing onto one of them and swimming along side of it. We opened our new bank account with the bank of hawaii yesterday and our new checks have the hawaiian islands on them, they are very pretty and our cards have turtles on them.

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