lazy day…

the weather has been weird here the last two days. Its like rainy but not at the same time. Its still warm just not great beach weather. Our hunt for an apt has begun. Its going to be harder than we thought and more expensive. We have already skipped out on two appointments because just by driving by there is NO WAY we would ever live in the area they were. Alittle to ghetttto for us and scary. We saw a nice one this morning. It was high up on a hill over looking honolulu and the ocean, it was a def. possibility. Im going to say sorry to everyone who reads these for my poor grammer and typing skills. I usually think way faster than my typing skills and I know i mis spell alot of thing. I just heard a noise outside the window and for a second i thought it was gully but then i realized that it couldnt be. its sad. I miss my kitties. We found this really crazy cave on the side of the road today, it was really awesome but it was kinda in a part of the island that has alot of homeless people and some guy warned us not to go to far in because people live in it. Two things that I think will make it hard to adjust here is that are always aware that your not from the island. Like today in Mcdonalds we were def, the only white people. 2. The town names and street names I cant pronounce, its not that i just cant pronouce them, I dont even know where to start to try to pronouce them, how can a word have 3 a’s in a row?

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