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Don’t you just love photo walls? Is is by no way a new thing but I have always just loved thousands of photos all in one place. The walls of my bedroom growing up were always covered floor to ceiling with pictures. I would say I’m a pretty nostalgic person. After a lot of research and one failed attempt at Walgreens, I decided to go with Printstagram to get a crap load of our instagram pictures printed. I could not be more pleased with the quality of the printing, paper or service. It’s quick, easy and relatively cheap (and there is an app!!).

I tried out like 3 different tapes, tabs, etc… to adhere the pictures to the wall. In the end, the thing that worked the best was 3M blue tape balls on the back. I didn’t want to use anything that would damage the wall or the pictures.

I started out with a level line of tape that I used as a guide for the first row of pictures. After that I just eyed balled all of them. Here is the first progress shot…



Rowan loves sitting on the stairs telling me about each picture. Always saying “Member that Mommy?”. I will be the first to admit that i’ve become completely obsessed with getting instagram pictures printed now.





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Super Cute Crochet Bunting!

Crochet Bunting |

A while back I decided to crochet a blanket for Rowan’s room. I wanted it to be made up of a ton of colorful granny squares. Well, 5 months later all I had finished was 9 squares. Story of my life. I thought of a useful way to use those squares to add a little color to our living room gallery wall though. Crochet Bunting! I had a few more pictures of the process that I some how deleted but it is pretty self explanatory. I am not going to go into how to make a granny square here. You can youtube that or look it up on pinterest if you want.

All I did was…

1. Make granny squares
2. Fold them in half
3. Hot glue them closed around a piece of yarn
4. Repeat in a line with remaining sqaures, hang, done!

I’ve learned that you can just as easily crochet a triangle granny square which I guess would be easier but I like the shape the folded square makes. It’s squatier than if you just crochet a triangle.

How cute would this look in a nursery or hanging in front of a crib. Hmmm speaking of that… I need to get on decorating Finley’s nursery.

Crochet Bunting |

Crochet Bunting |

Crochet Bunting |

Nail & Yarn Wall Art pt. 2

Family Room |

Remember the mural I made in our old apartment? I decided to make an updated version in our new house. I picked a new saying & jumped right in. Hammer. Hammer. Hammer. I picked a font and traced the letters off my computer (yeah, we don’t have a printer). Then I used our projector to enlarge the letters on the wall. I didn’t trace exactly but used it as a guide. I did use a level to make sure everything was lined up right and did make some adjustments. You could also free hand the letters if you wanted too. That is how I made the first version at the apartment.

Then the fun part! You nail about a million nails in the wall. I kept having to go to Home Depot to get more nails. I severely underestimated how many nails you need. There is no right or wrong as to where you nail. Especially if you are just going to be wrapping the yarn all over the place instead of in a particular pattern. The more nails you use the more options you’ll have to create patterns with the yarn.

I love picking all the yarn colors. The sky is the limit. I went with brighter colors to add some pop to our family room. All in all I would say it took me about 4-5 hours to do.

nails ^^just the nails. It’s a tad bit hard to take photos of nails in a wall





Have fun!

DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar

I have always been a huge fan of this Ferm Living wallsticker, although I was never a fan of the price. With this summer filling up fast with events, bbqs and weekend trips, keeping track of everything was getting tough. It dawned on me that I could create our own chalkboard wall calendar with some painters tape, a level and chalkboard paint. It turned out awesome!! It almost creates a piece of artwork on the wall. I love having a large family planning center in the kitchen that we can keep track of everything. You could create it any size you wanted to depending on what size space you have to work with. I painted ours rather large so there was plenty of space to write in. I hand painted “This Month…” on top, but you could just as easily add a block to write which month it was too. Half the fun is planning out how you want it to look and function.



DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar

DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar


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