2014 | Goals + Thoughts


I know some people hate the idea of making goals or resolutions for New Years. I love it though! It just seems right. I love the idea of a new beginning. We are a few days in and I think I have finally settled on some goals I would like to focus on.

1. Purge + Simplify. This is the big one for me. I want to purge the excess in my life. I want to get rid of the “clutter” that surrounds us. First, I want to go through our house and donate the stuff that has collected over time. We don’t need half of it. I want our house to be clean, organized and simple. That goes for toys too. Oh Boy! The toys are out of control around here. Thousands of mismatched pieces everywhere. I would like to have just a small amount of toys. I want the girls to get creative when they play, I want them to go outside, I want them to create. I feel like that doesn’t happen when there are piles of unnecessary toys everywhere. Now purge doesn’t just mean “things”, I mean life in general. I just want to live simply and happily. I don’t want to get bogged down with unnecessary things. I don’t want to fall into that “I need that” trap. Materialism is a big problem in our country and I really want this to be a year where I am super conscious about that in our lives. Same goes for social media and being online. So much time wasted. It has it’s place for sure, but I want to make sure it’s in balance

2. Be Healthy. I don’t have any specific weight loss goals or anything. I am honestly quite happy with the “number” I weigh, but I have really enjoyed these past few months exercising with Kev. Our fitness routines have always been separate. He lifted weights, I run/do cardio machines. When he said he wanted to run a half with me, we started doing it all together. What a difference it makes. I really think it has made us even closer. Bonded us on a whole new level. It’s been so fun training together. I still grumble and hate working out, but I want to keep it up. Kev got T25 for Christmas and we’ve started doing that at night since it’s like -12 outside and running really isn’t an option. I look forward to signing up for more races in 2014 though. Wouldn’t it be awesome to travel around to new places just to run races together?

3. Adventure. This is one of my goals every year because I really think it’s a conscious choice you have to make with your family. We love going on adventures! But it can be very easy to miss fun opportunities when you let the idea of it being a hassle out weight the fun. Because lets face it, with kids around there will always be a bit of a hassle involved. But that’s what makes it beautiful. Too much sweet isn’t good for anyone right? I want to take every opportunity this year to get out there with my family and make the most of life. I want to take trips and see new things with them. Locally and far away. There is just so much to see in this life and I don’t want to miss it.

4. Take Risks. I’ve had a list of “dreams goals” in a little notebook for a few years now. Nothing that I really want to share here at the moment, but I want this to be a year I don’t let the fear of failure hold me back from pursuing one or more of those goals. A lot of them are creative pursuits that I know will be good for the soul to dive into and get messy with. I want to spend less time in front of the computer and social media. I want to be downstairs in my craft room creating more often than not. I want to work hard to make some of these dreams come true.

5. Our House. We’ve lived in our house for a little over a year now and I can see some of the steam we had when we first moved in slowing down. I don’t want to to not finish those projects we said we would do. I want to work hard this year making each room feel finished. Along with goal 1, I want every room, closet, drawer in our house clean, organized and decorated. I know I will always be rearranging and decorating but I want to at least come into our house and think it feels finished. I plan on making an in depth post with pictures of specific goals for the house so you can follow along this year.

6. Prayer + Bible Reading. I want to make this a priority this year. It should be a priority every year but I can honestly say it just isn’t. I want to be intentional with my time, my prayers and my reading. There is a christian company in Hawaii called HE>I. I bought one of their tank tops when we were out there this year. I really want that thought to surround me this year. He is greater than I. I need to allow Jesus room in my life. I need to decrease and He needs to increase. All these other goals are nothing without this first and foremost. Jesus must be first.END.OF.STORY.

7. Family. This is a big one! 2014 is going to be a big, big year for us. I just know it. Kev and I have had some major tugging on our hearts lately about changes we would like for our family. We’ve been in prayer over it for quite sometime. God is going to challenge us this year and we’re going to have to fully rely on him for what lies ahead. I am so excited though!! We’ve been given the greatest gift to care and love on our 2 little girls. I can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead of us for 2014.

Happy New Year Everyone!!
What a blessing you are to me.

Little Ballerina








I don’t have much to write today. I look at these pictures of the sweet little girl who made me a mother and realize just how much she has grown up. It leaves me speechless sometimes. So filled with emotion, I don’t even know how to get out the words I want to say. I am so honored to be her Mom. She teaches me, stretches me and breathes life into me. I welcome 2014. As much as I want to press the stop button and savor these moments with her. I know that each new year will bring a new journey. A new road to travel together. It will be bumpy and hilly at times but we will hold hands together and see what great adventure awaits us.

My Everyday Style | 12.30.13


I just had a mild freak out over the fact that 1. it’s going to be 2014 (remember when we thought y2k was going to destroy the world?) and 2. Finley is going to be 1 on Sunday. Why is time such a fleeting thing? I’ve been having some major thoughts over goals and such for this coming year. Most of which focus on being in the moment more and living with intention. I have a very long draft saved of ramblings that I hope to post in the next day or two. Do you like making goals or resolutions for yourself?

I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for Finley’s bday party. I know she is young but I really want it to be about what she likes. So far I’ve come up with some kind of stuffed animal party. That or some kind of party about boobs, but I don’t think that would be very appropriate for a 1st bday party or any party for that matter. She also really loves puppies and being outside. Ok. Back to stuffed animals. How do you make a party about stuffed animals? Have we talked about how much she loves stuffed animals before? She is kind of obsessed. She sleeps with 2-3 stuffed animals tucked in her arms every night. I think I will make party hats for all of them.

and here is an outfit (with no makeup?)…





Dress: Similar
Button Up: Old J.Crew (similar)
Tulle Coat: From Stitch Fix
Boots: Madewell (Cheaper version)
Hat: Target

6 Pictures, 6 Things: Christmas Edition

So this will be more like 10 pictures, 6 things. Christmas deserves more pictures, right? I just couldn’t pick 6. Here are some pictures of our Christmas morning…










1. Don’t you wish that Christmas was spread out over a few days? It’s just so fun and it goes by so dang quickly. I want to live guilt free in all my Christmas jammies and dessert heaven glory for at least a week. Don’t you agree? Plus, I just want to hang around with my family longer. It was so fun having my one sister around for a couple days. Carrie we missed you!

2. I got a Garmin forerunner for Christmas! Yippie. Although, I am a little nervous to be constantly reminded about how slow I am running. I am excited to use it and hopefully train a little bit more effectively. The Honolulu marathon was ROUGH. Ouch. It was tough. Hoping the next one won’t be so difficult. Let’s just say I am blaming it on the 2am wake up call the morning of the race, jet lag and the fact that we had been training in 20 degree weather (Hawaii is of course the polar opposite) as the reason why we ran it over an hour slower than any other race I have run.

3. Kev’s parents and my parents live about 25 mins from each other. And although the pictures above are from our Christmas morning at my parents house, we had a wonderful time at his parents house as well. We are very lucky to have such loving and supportive parents. It’s a bonus that they live so close to each other. It let’s us pop back and forth all holiday long.

4. Kev got T25 for Christmas. Anyone done it? We are pretty in love (I mean LOATHE) with Insanity. Hands down BEST.WORKOUT.EVER. But we were getting bored with doing the same videos over and over. We were pretty excited when we saw the infomerical on tv a few weeks back. I was hooked on it being 25 mins. Sometimes I just don’t have time for an hour long insanity. I watched (yep, watched) Kev do the first one tonight. I am holding strong to my week long pjs and cookie fest. Monday morning is going to hit hard though. Back in the game.

5. Finley got this cute little walker/push toy for Christmas. Ooooh she loves that thing. I have never seen a baby be so excited over a toy. Well, I mean over something for longer than 5 minutes. She pushes that thing around with such pride on her face. She giggles, smiles and laughs the whole time. She has been taking a few steps here and there on her own and I am super excited for her but I kind want to push her down too. hah. Just kidding. I just want her to stay a baby though. Don’t grow up sweet little Fin.

6. Do you do the whole Santa thing with your kids? We’ve never made a big deal of it with Rowan. We always wanted her to know and focus on the real season we celebrate Christmas but it’s inevitable that your kid will learn about Santa. We decided this year we would just roll with it. We made it a point to tell her Santa only brings 1 gift though. I want her to be thankful and polite to everyone who gives gifts rather than think they are all from Santa. We left out a carrot and some cookies and in the morning left her a little note from Santa. It was pretty darn cute.

p.s. below are some iphone pictures from Christmas Eve. I had to post them because I just thought the girls looked so dang cute in their matching glittery dresses for church. I made Rowan her felt flower crown but ran out of time to make Finley one. It was probably for the best though. Finley would have never kept that on. It was the first time I really ever dressed them in the same outfit and oooh I might be addicted now. Some how during the service I ended up in the pew with Rowan and 2 of her little friends all by myself while they were all holding lit candles. Talk about the most stressful 4 mins of my life. I was sure something or someone was going to catch on fire. Even though it was stressful, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE candle light Christmas Eve services. So magical.




Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful day. I can’t believe it’s over already. Everyone is in bed right now and I am spending a few minutes to myself before I crash for the night as well. What a day we’ve had! Christmas is about 100x more exciting with kids around. I realized yesterday night that today was Finley’s first Christmas. Crazy! She’s been part of our family for so long I totally didn’t remember she hadn’t celebrated a Christmas yet. Whoops. #momfail. I always think of a babies first Christmas with teeny tiny babies, not babies that are about to turn one. ONE! Finley is turning one in less than 2 weeks. Blows my mind.

We were running late on time this year for our christmas cards, but we tried our best to get a good picture. We had one pretty grey morning to take some pictures. They came out kinda grainy and we didn’t have many final choices when it came down to it. All in all though I am pretty happy with how they came out. Our friends over at Pinhole Press were kind enough to print them for us. I chose a traditional card style instead of the postcard style most people send out. I added some little doodles to the pictures in photoshop before I uploaded the pictures to Pinhole Press. I am always super impressed with the quality from Pinhole. Love them! (They are having a great sale right now off all their calendars!- Perfect for the New Year)

We want to wish you all a very healthy and happy holiday season!







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