My Everyday Style | 06.16.15 (celebrating 9 years of marriage!)


Yesterday Kev and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. We were lucky enough to have my Mom in town still and she watched the girls for us most of the day. We didn’t have super plans or anything but we got to spend the whole day just together doing whatever we felt like. We ate lunch, walked around Saratoga, ate cookies and milk, went to the bookstore, watched Kev’s hockey game and sat outside on a beautiful night eating late night burritos. It’s always so nice to just have regular ol’ time together without little ones taking up all your attention. It’s been such a wonderful adventure these past 9 years. I am so thankful for them and for him. I look forward to all that is to come as well. We don’t buy gifts for each other on our anniversary, usually just trying to take a trip together(my fingers are still crossed we can make this work this summer) but we do try to make something for each other. My gift was centered around a bible verse I claimed as our motto for year 9. I hope to share that in a post sometime soon. Anyway, here are some outfit pictures/anniversary tradition photos. Did you know that Stitch Fix has a maternity service now? Hallelujah!!! It has been my saving grace. My stylist has been sending my the cutest things… like this dress! It feels like I’m wearing my pajamas, how could you not love that!! It’s got the cutest scoop neck at the back too, makes the dress feel extra feminine.

If you are pregnant make sure you sign up for your first maternity fix soon!








Dress: Stitch Fix
Sandals: Forever 21
Glasses: David Kind

And as I post every year… here are our past anniversary photos (love this tradition)…

Year eight:

In Costa Rica. Why are we not there again this year? jk

Year seven:

Ogunquit, Maine. One of our most favorite places. We made a little video of that trip.

Year Six:

Florida. I think we get a little too tan when we spend 3 weeks in FL in the middle of June. Ha!

Year Five:

Paris, France. We just locked a lock on the “love” bridge.

Year Four:

Hello super pregnant Jen! Although I still had 3 months to go in this picture.

Year Three:

Just chillin’ in our front yard.

Year Two:

We just had the closing on our very first house!! We celebrated in the empty house with Chinese food and champagne on the floor.
2 years

Year One:

Living in Hawaii and loving life. We look like little babies.

When nothing comes.


Anyone else battling a case of writers block? I get in these funks sometimes where everything I think about posting on here seems so trivial. Like, does an outfit post really matter when a blog friend’s baby has leukemia? I get stuck in my own head sometimes. Blogging can feel so “me” centered (duh! it’s a personal blog) but sometimes that just seems so apparent to me and then I get nervous and can’t think of anything worth writing about. Am I sounding crazy yet? The thing is though, we all have something worth sharing- even the small and mundane. It’s all part of our own personal story. I really want to just get back to writing more. Maybe about nothing in particular, maybe about deep things. What I love most about blogging is the idea of being able to look back at my blog as a family journal. I feel like my blog has been missing that lately. Recipes and outfits are all well and good but I know I’ll want to read more about how we were feeling and the things we were up to in the years to come. Have you seen that 31 day writing challenge that happens in October? I can no way commit to something like that but I like the idea of forcing yourself to write more. I am not a great writer, so that can be scary to me. When I write longer posts I feel panicky before hitting publish. I would be the first to admit my lack in skill in that area. Especially my grammar! Oh my grammar! I write like a long, run-on train of thought. That’s who I am though. Fear never gets anyone anywhere. Being afraid of sharing, writing or a lack of skill just makes you frozen and stuck. Are there things you feel afraid of that are holding you back? Fear is a crazy, powerful thing that really can suck the life from you doing something you love.

Well, this post wasn’t supposed to be so depressing. I am not depressed by any means. Just wanted to write about well, my lack of writing and posting. Wondering if anyone ever feels the same way? Anyway, I am excited to just sit and write more. There are lots of fun and scary changes happening for us (ahhh being out numbered by children soon) and this blog has always been my way of expressing how I am handling it all. Excited to Ignite that blogging flame again.

1st Real Dance Recital


Excuse me while I post a million pictures of my eldest looking super cute and kicking butt at her dance recital last weekend. As I went into the dress rehearsal on Friday night, I had a slight panic feeling like… “what are we (I) doing here? I don’t fit in with this whole ‘dance mom’ thing.” I was carrying tutus and shoes and makeup and hair pins. It was a strange out of body experience. Not that there is anything wrong with being a dance mom. I know the majority of the dance world are not the moms on some TLC show. Anyway when I saw Rowan run to the entrance of the auditorium with her little friends their excitement with contagious. She couldn’t believe how big the stage was and that they would get to dance up there! It was a fun reminder/lesson that as parents sometimes you have to put aside what you think and just totally be absorbed in whatever your kids fall in love with. I mean I do already LOVE ballet but something about the whole dance Mom thing weirds me out. It’s not hard to put that aside though when you see how excited it makes them. Rowan literally exclaims “this was the best day ever!!” like every day. She is so excitable and when she is happy it’s impossible to not be smiling from ear to ear right alongside of her.

I can’t believe how big she is getting. I am just so very proud of her and the big girl she is becoming.


















Maternity Style | Week 19


Here we go! Another round of maternity style. I was looking back on week 19 with Rowan and week 19 (well 18) with Finley. Kinda funny to have them documented and so easily available to look at and compare. Blogs are funny like that. Anyway, I’ll try to keep up best I can. No promises for a weekly outfit picture but fingers crossed.

I have a love/hate relationship with dressing the bump (ugh- I don’t enjoy saying that hahah). It’s actually more like a ok/hate relationship. If you think about my regular style there is lots of tucking, cropped top types, button ups, high waists, and rompers. All of which DO NOT translate well to maternity. It’s left me feeling sort of lost on how I want to dress and not much room to make things work from my current closet. Why are maternity closes either so ridiculously expensive or so super ugly and matronly? Why is there no middle ground. Someone quick! Start a line of madewell-esque maternity clothes for me. I can’t decide if I prefer form fitting or loose and flowy. Both have there pros and cons. I’ve seemed to collected a handful of these type of maternity style dresses though… Midi length, form fitting and neutral in color. Seems pretty easy peasy if you ask me. These next few months will be interesting to say the least. Let the journey begin…



IMG_2108^^best $1.99 I ever spent. These microphones are the best. Also note Finley’s awesome hair.



IMG_2130^^19 week baby bump making it’s debut.

Tally Mark Dress: Target
Denim Jacket: J.Crew
Clogs: c/o Lotta from Stockholm

A Family That Hikes Together… And Our Summer Bucket List.




…stays together, right? This past weekend we headed up into Adirondack park with friends to hike all together. I never get tired of this beautiful view at the top. Lake George is just gorgeous! Can’t wait until it warms up a bit more so we can swim too. I really feel like there’s always some major family bonding that goes on when we hike all together. I hope that it’s a family tradition we can keep doing for as long the girls live near us, no matter how old they all are. Finley is starting to refuse sitting in the carrier because she has to be just like big sister Rowan. It takes A LOT longer but we’ve been letting her hike right along side us. What a trooper she is! She keeps saying things like “I got it, I got it” whenever I try to hold her hand. Little Miss Independant over there.

Summer is always such an exciting time with endless possibilities. I like to make a summer bucket list every year just to keep my thoughts all in one place. I don’t ever expect to do them all but just some fun things to consider all summer long.

2015 summer bucket list!

1. Take day trips to surrounding cute towns. Vermont is like 25 mins from us?!?!
2. A few museum trips (Clark, Eric Carle, MassMoca)
3. Let the girls get ice cream from the very persistent ice cream man that drives around our neighborhood at dinner time
4. Take a trip just Kev and I for a anniversary/babymoom type adventure (fingers crossed for Nova Scotia)
5. Ogunquit/York ME visit
6. Go camping
7. Spend some time playing at all the cool parks in NYC
8. Enjoy the town pool with friends
9. Continue with our reading skills (for Rowan) throughout the summer
10. Have bonfire with friends
11. Hike, Hike, Hike!!
12. Start a Bi-monthly friends BBQ get together.
13. Go to the Cape
14. Swim in lakes
15. Find the coolest splashpad around
16. Kayak with the girls
17. Spend time in our beloved Boston
18. Grow an awesome garden full of our favorite juicing vegetables (kale, cucumbers, chard)
19. Enjoy Saturday mornings in Troy at the farmers market
20. Teach Rowan how to go across the monkey bars, swim, and maybe ride a bike with no training wheels
21. Prepare for new baby
22. Go to an outside show/concert somewhere
23. Go to the Drive-in
24. Go to an amusement park/waterpark
25. Bring the girls to a movie in the park night and have a picnic
26. Zoo
27. Dates with Kev
28. Figure out my issues with my dang screens for screen printing
29. Paint the outside trim and front door on the house
30. Make tie-dye shirts with the girls
31. Make a lemonade stand one day with them (Rowan has been asking me for months if she can)
32. Take lots of evening family bike rides
33. Make a pie (I have never made my own pie before, a crisp yes but not a pie)
34. Relearn how to play chess
35. Bring the girls and Kev to the Canadian National Exhibition
36. Easy, yummy meals on BBQ most nights
37. Potty train Finley (ugh!)
38. An overnight trip with my lady friends
39. Paint the girls bathroom
40. Whatever we do, just have fun and enjoy each others company and all summer has to offer.

What’s on your summer list this year???

Healthy “Ice Cream” And Making Life Work


Life is crazy for everyone. There’s no doubt about it. Add kids to the mix and the crazy doubles, or triples or maybe even quadruples. Some nights all I have left is enough to sigh real big and fall into bed happy I even made it through the day. Those nights I end up lying there wondering how tomorrow will go. It very well could be another “just make it through” day but it could also be one of those days where everything falls into place and you have time to take a shower, bathe both kids, make a nice breakfast for yourself and actually get to Mom’s group on time at 9:30am. The mystery actually makes it worth getting up to see what happens. Even in the midst of chaos, crazy and “making it through”… life is good. Like really, really good. I’ve realized over the last year or so that the more I actually let go, say no, clear our schedule the happier, fuller and more successful I feel. Making room for what counts, that’s where it’s at! Mothering isn’t a burden or something that takes away from fulfilling your passions or goals- it’s a joy and a compliment to those things. One way I have found to see that on a day to day, moment to moment basis is to try to include the girls in as much as I can in my life. I don’t ever want to think they’re too small to help, or do this or that or experience something new. We bring them with us everywhere, I let them help on projects for this blog, they take an active roll in cooking and learning about our health, etc… Letting them be involved has made me love them and my passions even more. Sure it causes bigger messes and slowing down but when you don’t have millions of other things piled on your plate it doesn’t matter. You can actually enjoy it. Sometimes I step back with unwashed hair and the kids lunch stained on my shirt and think, this looks totally different than what I thought my success story would be but I couldn’t be happier with how it’s changed. Success looks like a lot of different things and just because you aren’t being a crazy awesome Girl Boss doesn’t mean you aren’t successful. A healthy, happy, flourishing Mama of a busy family is a success in my book.

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!!

Here is one of the recipes the girls helped me make today as we were looking for a healthy alternative to ice cream.

Frozen Bananas
Frozen berries
Raw honey
Coconut milk

Add frozen fruit to a food processor, add a teaspoon of honey, a dash of vanilla and a 1/4 cup of coconut milk. Blend until smooth. You may need to add a tad bit more milk to get a smoother consistency. Don’t add too much because it will just turn into a smoothie instead of thick “ice cream”. The girls loved it and just ended up eating it right out of the food processor.









This post was sponsored by T.J.Maxx who helps me one-stop shop for clothes (my vest!) and items (food processor) that let me and my family try new and exciting things together (like making healthy ice cream!). Thank you to T.J.Maxx for appreciating Moms and all that they do #MaxxMoms

Put Your Heart To Paper With Hallmark


I used to be obsessed with mailing cards and random objects to my friends when I was growing up. Did you know you used to be able to ship pretty much anything with out packaging? I sent my friend Laura a soft ball, a shoe and countless other silly shaped cards all telling her how much I missed her. In this digital age I feel like the art of letters and cards has been lost. I made it a goal this year to send more cards to distant friends and relatives. There is something so special about opening the mailbox and seeing an envelope addressed to you. I don’t think that will ever get old no matter how digital our world gets. This year when Hallmark approached me to help spread the word about their Put Your Heart To Paper campaign for Mother’s Day, I couldn’t say no! It was something I felt so passionate about and just loved the sentiment behind.

Hallmark was sweet enough to send over a handful of beautiful and thoughtful cards to look through and choose ones for special Mothers in my life. The Mom on top of the list is of course my own super hero Mama. Goodness I love her. I chose the “Queen of our Hearts” card for her because she is such a leader of our family. Gentle and kind but always giving the best guidance. It was a no brainer to pick the Grandma card for her from the girls. Seeing her become a Grandma (or Meme) has made me love and appreciate her even more. This beautiful card was the perfect fit!





Living so far away from family and especially our Mom’s has made friends such an important part of this whole motherhood journey for me. My friends are right there beside me, living out the day to day with small children, messes, stress and just pure crazy. They’re always there when I need them. Giving support, love and a shoulder to cry on. I ended up using the rest of the cards that Hallmark sent to write special notes for all my dear friends. 2 cards in particular that I mailed out were for my dear friends Heather and Laura. I picked the coffee mug card for Laura because she is my far away friend. Our whole relationship (since 5th grade) has been away from each other (sad face). So I loved that this card came with a little gift. I loved the idea of her drinking something warm and comforting and thinking about how much I love and appreciate her. She was my first close friend to have a baby and I have learned so much from her. My friend Heather seriously was an answer to prayer for me. After I had Rowan I went through a really hard time adjusting to staying home with a new baby. Heather came into my life when I needed her the most. I love her honest, loving and selfless character. She has the best sense of humor and easy going attitude, love spending our days together. She is so important to me!



If you’re looking for something to get you in the perfect mindset for Mother’s Day, hop on over to the Put Your Heart To Paper Youtube channel and watch all these super touching (yes! They totally made me cry) videos Hallmark made about Mothers. So stinkin’ sweet!

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This was a sponsored post by Hallmark but all opinions and words about my family and friends were my own. Thank you for allowing me to continue to work with brands that I feel strongly about and are a good fit for Jenloveskev.

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