4:30am Stream of Consciousness…



Well it’s 4:30am and I’m up again for another “restless, I can’t sleep, get this baby out of me” kind of night. What better way to pass the time and take my mind off the fact that I am not sleeping and super uncomfortable then to sit at the computer when all is quiet and totally word dump into a post. I’m sure it’ll be random about all kinds of things going on. You ready? Alright, let’s do this…

1. Pregnancy. Oooooh if I am honest with you I do not like being pregnant. It’s a very real struggle for me. I know I need to keep things in perspective because there are millions of women struggling with loss and infertility and those totally trump silly feelings about actually being pregnant but the feelings are real nonetheless (if you are one of those women, I pray for you, I hear you, you are not unnoticed. If you want, please roll your eyes at this part and skip over. I totally get it). I think it’s the loss of control of your own body that really does me in. It’s very weird to feel like a stranger in your own body for so many months. The little person inside takes over and you’re left with weight gain you don’t want, sleepless nights, exhaustion, discomfort, weird appetite aversions, swollen everything and the handful or other super pleasant (not) side effects. I feel like I handled them all better with my other pregnancies but this time around it’s just been plain difficult. Is it age? Is it the fact that there are small children I am trying to keep up with? I don’t know but this pregnancy has been tough. At the beginning, I was really struggling with the weight gain. I know it’s so trivial but it was so frustrating to be eating so healthy, working out quite a lot and just keep seeing the weight come on. I’ve come to terms with it a bit. Excepting my body just needs the weight I guess. I don’t understand it but I am trusting it as best as I can. I am just not someone who gains like 20 pounds. I am at 37 pounds with 4.5 weeks to go. I am proud of my body and the work it has done, don’t get me wrong. Birthing a baby is quite a superhero feat but still. It can be difficult. Am I alone? Do you love being pregnant? Do you struggle? I have friends that love every glorious minute and I love that about them. There are moments I love but I am just really looking at the finish line.

2. It’s my birthday today! I am 33. Ahhh!!! I have so, so enjoyed being 30 so far. They’ve been my most favorite years so far but I will be honest and say 33 sounds quite legit as an adult. hahaha I still picture myself as a 24 year old. Yesterday especially, I was on the eve of my birthday, had kindergarten orientation, Rowan’s first soccer practice (that I pulled up to in our minivan), and had a midwife appointment for our 3rd baby. Ummm, hello? How did I get here?? Aren’t we still newly married, running around Hawaii without a care in the world? I LOVE everything about this stage of life. I really do, but it was one of those weird surreal moments like “what? this is just blowing my mind today”. Anyway, Happy Birthday to me!

3. Change, Change, Change. Our house feels a bit chaotic lately. I feel like we are lifting up the house, shaking it all around and waiting for it all to settle again. Nothing’s bad but there is a heck of a lot of transitions going on around here. I feel like everyone is feeling them too. Especially sweet, sensitive Rowan. Poor girl. 1. Finley is pretty much potty trained- but we’re still in the “we need to find a potty every 2 seconds when we go somewhere” phase. Bending down almost 36 weeks pregnant in every public restroom from Target to the gas station has been super fun. There is no room for being a germaphobe. Like literally no room… picture a toddler, a huge pregnant women and your above average size 4 year old all in a single stall together. Are you laughing yet? You should be. We are like a circus side show act everytime we walk into a bathroom 2. We’ve moved Finley from her crib and her room into Rowan’s room to share the bunk bed with her. Bedtime has been such a dream since. Sarcasm. 3. KINDERGARTEN!!! is starting on Wednesday (hold me). 4. This baby is coming soooooooon! 5. All September activities are starting up again (dance, gymnastics, Mom’s group, soccer, etc…) how does one keep up with all the schedules, emails, etc… I need a secretary for my life please.

4. Raise the roof (heck yes, I just said raise the roof) for time away with your husband. Kev and I just got back from 5 days away in Florida together. We were hoping to head up to Nova Scotia but decided for something more relaxing and laid back and just headed to my parents house down there on the coast. The girls went and spent some time with both are parents out in Massachusetts. We had such a wonderful time. We had no agenda, no plans, nothing. We read, we ate out a ton, we took naps, we lounged around, we went to the bookstore, we went to the beach, it was glorious! It’s always hard leaving your kids. I totally get it but I can not say how important it is enough to get some time away (every year if you can) with your spouse. It doesn’t have to be fancy or far away- just something. You realize once you’re there how much you missed just connecting with each other away from everything else. Of course there is lots of talk about the kids- it’s natural but then you start joking and talking about everything else you fell in love with over. So grateful for the time away. Boy, I sure love Kev. What a good man he is!

5. So I got this comment the other day on the Target/Stride Rite post along the lines of “how dare you pimp your children out for something you would never buy” sort of thing and it totally made me laugh. I don’t ever feel the need to justify what I do here on the blog. Maybe years ago I did, but not now. However this comment was just so funny to me I feel like I wanted to write a little something about it. Why are some people always so offended by a sponsored post? Out of all the stupid PR emails that hit my inbox, I rarely say yes to any of them. I chose very careful who I work with and who I don’t. Free stuff is very rarely worth my time and energy. I stated very clearly that it was a sponsored post. I wasn’t hiding it. I never in that post wrote that they were my personal favorite shoes or even cute for that matter (although I do think Rowan looks adorable in that post). I wrote very honestly. Were the shoes my taste? maybe not but they’re still very well made shoes and I accepted that sponsored post because I love my daughter. I knew Rowan would die over getting the chance to pick out her own shoes and get her very own post. I don’t force my kids to always wear everything that’s my taste just for blog pictures sake or for some fake image I want to keep up. Yes, they’re little and I still have a say but I love letting Rowan express herself. She has her very own opinions and thoughts on what she thinks looks good and that just happens to be pink and purple sparkly shoes. She put those shoes on and said she thought she could run faster than ever before and has worn them nonstop since. That’s what matters to me. The end (drops mic, walks off stage).

5. I finished the baby’s room! It’s so freakin’ cute. I can’t wait to share with you guys. I just want to make a few little stuffed animal things and then I’ll take some pictures and show you. It’s the cleanest, most put together room in our house right now and some days I just sit on the floor in there and take a few deep breathes away from all the crazy. hahahaha

6. I picked up my birth pool yesterday! Oh boy! Home birth #2 here we come!

7. I just want to say a big ol’ thank you to all you wonderful readers. Some are new and some are like old friends now reading since before Rowan was even born. Thanks for sticking around with me. It really means so much and your support and encouragement never goes unnoticed. I am so very grateful for all of you!

8. I’ve fizzled out. I think all my thoughts have been drained, I am feeling empty on what to say now… Here ends the random middle of the night post.

Outfits Above:
Black dress: Stitch Fix Maternity (similar)
Birks: Nordstorm
White Top: LOFT (on sale!! non maternity!)
Jeans: Stitch Fix Maternity (similar)
Sandals: H&M (similar)

Shibori (indigo tie dye) With Kids!


One of the things on our summer bucket list that I was most excited about doing with the girls was tie dying. I’ve really been loving the indigo dyed trend that’s been going on for a little while and wanted to give that a go instead of your traditional brightly colored tie dye. I ordered this kit off of amazon and got a bunch of muslin and white pillow cases to dye. I wanted to use the pillow cases on our bed and make the girls a dress or skirt with the fabric. These cloth napkins would be awesome to use as well. Wouldn’t your table be so cute with dyed napkins?

I am not going to get into super detailed instructions because the kit comes with them but here are some pictures from our process.



1. Indigo Tie Dye Kit (comes with dye, gloves, wooden squares, instructions)
2. fabric, pillow cases, etc…
3. Elastics
4. Popscile Sticks
5. 5 gallon bucket


1. Gather all your materials. Read instructions. Mix dye. It needs to sit for at least an hour (I think) before you use it. The indigo dye is so much cooler than just a regular rit dye. When you first dye the fabric it’s green until the air oxidizes it.

2. I did a lot of pinterest looking to see how best to fold and tie fabric. There are lots of techniques out there and really you can’t go wrong (this was super helpful). I found that the best way to get results is to stick with some type of accordion fold with the fabric and then use popsicle sticks and/or elastics to bind it all up. The girls had a lot of fun (and it really kept them entrained for quite a while) folding the fabric and using the elastics. Of course I had to go back and make sure everything was tight enough to actually work with the dye but for the most part they created their own designs.


IMG_3815< IMG_3816

3. You’ll notice an oily looking top layer with a yellow-greenish colored liquid below. This is when you know the dye is ready. You need to soak all your knotted and bound fabric in clean water first before you submerge in dye. This is a great job for your little ones to do.



4. Once everything is soaked you can submerge into the dye. This part I did myself only because I had one pair of gloves but otherwise I would have let Rowan help as well. When you put the fabric into the dye you sort of massage it around a bit, making sure the dye seeps all the way into the center of the bound fabric. Keep submerged, working the fabric for about 5 mins.

5. Again, when you first bring out the fabric it will be this neon green color. As it sits in the air it will turn that deep indigo color. It’s really cool to watch. The girls loved that part, they thought it was magic! You can repeat the dye process if you want a deeper darker color.



6. Let the fabric sit for at least 20 mins and oxidize in the air. Then you can open it up and hang it up to dry. Some parts of the inside may still be green when you open it but it will turn blue very quickly. You can wait till it drys completely or you can throw it into the wash partially wet. Wash on cold with a gentle detergent. Hang to dry.


7. If you dyed fabric try using this tutorial to make the easiest and cutest skirt for your little ones.





Summer Outtakes…

I was about to format the memory card in the camera the other day when I realized there were all these random pictures left on there. They’re pictures that weren’t part of any big or special day or anything and for whatever reason just never made it into any posts. I didn’t want to not post them so here’s a big ol’ photo dump of random (but still memorable) moments the last few months…

IMG_4245^^ playing in the court yard of the Roots store in NYC.

IMG_3923^^she loves to take all the pillows and blankets and make beds and forts on the floor. Having a little lunch picnic while watching a movie.

IMG_3922^^Our little sanctuary. Love our bedroom and all the natural light.



IMG_3883^^ a little day trip with friends to see the Van Gogh exhibit at The Clark in the berkshires. What a beautiful day! Such sweet little buddies.

IMG_3857^^one last picture of Finley’s old room before we took everything out and started again for new baby. It was such a sweet little nursery for Fin!

IMG_2713^^family photo in the car!

IMG_2758^^A true Finley face.

IMG_2979^^a green’s haul from the garden one morning.

IMG_2534^^someone found my phone.

IMG_1966^^gardening with Meme

IMG_2542^^setting up her still life. She found toys, arranged them all and practiced drawing what she saw in front of her. Oh my art teacher’s heart was exploding it was so cute!

Can you believe September 1st is in a few days?!?! Oh man, summer has been so sweet! Not sure I am ready to let go.

What Rowan Wore | With Stride Rite & Target!


I think it’s safe to say we created a little fashionista out of Rowan. It’s not surprising though, I obviously like fashion a lot and over the years she’s seen me taking a lot of outfit photos for the blog. Many of which she’s been a part of as well. As she gets older though, I do let her call the shots about whether or not she wants to be in the pictures for the blog. When I asked her if she wanted to do her very own What Rowan Wore post for today it was a big “YES, YES, YES!” though. 

We teamed up with Stride Rite to introduce you to their new Surprize brand exclusively for US Target locations and Target.com. Since Rowan is all girl (I like to say she is more tomboy princess though) she was in heaven getting to go to Target and try on all the shoes and pick out her very own pair. It was no surprize (wink. wink. see what I did there? Boy, I’m funny) that she went with the pink and purple sparkle running shoe. They fit her great, are super comfortable and totally practical (and durable!) for the playground and running around. Now that’s the making of a great kid shoe!

Rowan knew exactly what she wanted to wear to show you all her new shoes. I think it’s about the cutest little outfit ever. I am especially fond of the tall socks that she matched to the shoes with their purple polka dot tops. Oh man, I love that girl! It’s fun letting her express her creative side with the clothes she chooses.

Which Surprize shoe would your little one love the most?









Shop Surprize by Stride Rite and find more styles here: Surprize for girls // Surprize for boys

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Stride Rite. All opinions, words and photos are 100% my own.

Packing Kids Lunches for School and On The Go


We’ve had a busy summer. Most days during the summer we are out the door by 10am and not home till late in the afternoon. It would have cost us a fortune if we were always grabbing lunch out at restaurants all summer long. I have gotten into a pretty good habit of quickly packing up healthy lunches for everyone to eat on the go this summer. I’m calling it good practice for the time we have to send Rowan to school with lunch each and every day. Thankful it is not this year yet! Here are our favorite items that help us make lunches on the go possible!!

1. Smart Planet Collapsible Lunch Boxes: We love these things! We have 4 of them. One for each of us!! Kev uses it every day for his lunch to work and I pack them full for our daily adventures around town. I love that they are easy to wipe out, throw in the dishwasher and collapsible for easy storage. The top even comes with a little spoon/fork combo tucked right in. They even make big ones for a large salad!

2. Itzy Ritzy Reusable Snack Bags: I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE!! I’ve been trying to kick the ziplock baggie thing forever. It always feels so wasteful!! I love these reusable bags though. They come in 2 sizes for snacks, have a waterproof lining and are machine washable. I use them for everything… grapes, carrots, cheddar bunnies, etc… They come with us everywhere. On a side note I also love their wet bags! I use them for wet bathing suits after the pool, to carry a change of clothes for Finley as we potty train on the go (and when accidents happen- peed clothes). I’ve used it as a camera case at the beach and to protect my iPad on a plane. You name it!

3. Wee Appetite Reusable Pouches: So not to go on a rant but… you know what really grinds my gears? Kids yogurt. It’s such a marketing scam. It’s really just yogurt with waaaaaay more sugar in it and probably a lot of other ingredients you do not want your kids eating. Plus don’t get me started on the price of the organic tubes. Yes, I’m not perfect and cave to my kids whining every once in a while but these amazing little reusable pouches are wondrous! In a bowl I mix some plain greek yogurt with some thawed berries and a touch of honey and voila! homemade kids yogurt that you’ve controlled the amount of sugar in. The girls don’t complain either, they love it! I fill these pouches with the mixture and we have yogurt on the go! These are also so great for homemade baby food. We will be using them for up coming baby for sure!

4. ZoLi Water Bottles: I have such a pet peeve for water bottles that leak or that are too fat to fit in cup holders (why?!?!?!?). These ZoLi water bottles do neither! That’s why they’re among my favorites. Simple, clean design with a slim bottle frame. The girls and I have matching ones. Pip size for Mama, Squeak size for them.

Do you have any tips or tried and true products you love for kids lunches on the go?
I’d love to hear!!




Favorite Finds | Happy Monday!





It’s Monday! Did the weekend go fast for anyone else? I thought all day yesterday it was only Saturday. We are missing Kev a lot this morning. We spent the weekend celebrating a little friends bday and exploring the adirondacks with friends. I may have over done it though with the hike yesterday. I always think I will be fine and don’t want to use pregnancy as an excuse but I’m feeling that hike today. I am exhausted and kind of achy all over. Whoops. I guess it’s time to maybe start slowing down a tiny bit. Is it October yet?

Anyway, we had a super fun treat arrive all packed in dry ice on Thursday. It’s-It were sweet enough to send us a yummy package of their delicious ice cream treats to try out. Let’s just say they’re amazing and every single one of them is gone already. Something about that oatmeal cookie makes these things SO.DANG.GOOD!!! My favorites were the cappuccino, mint and plain ol’ vanilla. You can bet we will be ordering these San Francisco treats again very soon. I mean I may have already ordered more. They ship overnight so they arrive frozen and ready to eat. Yum!!!

Here are a few of my favorite things from around the internet this week…

1. The perfect slouchy top for fall. I am pretty sure I am going to be living in this shirt! Hello 40% off today!!!

2. My most favorite place to buy jewelry! Such a good selection of delicate necklaces, rings and earrings. All reasonably priced as well!

3. TACOS!!!! How good do these 2 recipes look? One with meat and one without.

4. How cute is this shower curtain? I love it so much!!

5. How cool does this bottle ranch look? Totally want to visit here!!

6. On the look out for a seriously cool blazer for fall. Love this cross between blazer and sort of trench type twill blazer.

7. Ummm I don’t think I could love this new little baby anymore!! We share the same name!! So happy for Danielle and family.

8. Just got a pair of new Dr. Martens in the mail for fall. Seriously considering getting matching ones for the girls. So nostalgic!

9. These Lou & Grey Joggers sort of look like heaven!

10. ow awesome is this diy necklace?

11. What are your thoughts on saddle shoes? Would you wear them? I kind of love them. Love this traditional pair or a more subtle/more oxford type pair.

12. The courier shirts are my most favorite thing that Madewell makes. I can’t get enough. Just ordered this plain white one for fall.

13. Looking for something fun to do with your kids? Check out my crafts with kids folder on pinterest. Lots of good ideas over there!

14. Did you see that The Honest Company is now selling organic cotton tampons? Soon they will be releasing a new make line as well. So awesome!

15. An awesome new series from one of my favorite Mom bloggers. If you have pre-teen or teen boys check it out!!!

Our Everyday Style | Denim Love #32weeks


It’s back to school season! Can you believe it? Whenever I think of fall or back to school fashion I naturally think of denim. Well, no matter what season it is I think denim. I am kind of obsessed. I would be embarrassed to admit how many chambray shirts I have in my closet or how many denim dresses are in the girl’s. I am just drawn to it. It’s the closet staple that never goes out of style. This week we teamed up with Kohl’s to style up some must have denim items for this years back to school season. Kohl’s has a great selection of denim for the whole family. As you can see from the picture we are not afraid of a little denim on denim action. Hahahah! Canadian Tuxedo anyone? I can’t help it- we’re Canadian, it’s in our blood! And YES! to awesome maternity jeans.

What are your must haves for back to school/fall fashion??













Maternity Chambray Shirt: Old Navy (also similar)
Maternity Jeans (I added the distressed knees): c/o Kohl’s
Hat: Target
Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm

Levi’s Top: c/o Kohl’s
Skirt: Carter’s (similar)
Sandals: Nordstrom

Carter’s Overalls: c/o Kohl’s
Top: H&M
Sandals: Nordstrom

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