Hand Painted Photos


I love creating gallery walls and collections of family photographs around the house. There is something so special about filling your home with beloved photos. We’ve had this blank space behind our dining room table for 2 years now just begging for some photos. I decided to hang some simple white shelves and then teamed up with Canon USA to create a photo wall. To punch it up a bit, I printed all the pictures and then got a little crazy and painted on top of all of them. It was totally easy with a super big impact! Love the way the wall has so much character now. The hand painted details really give it a personal feel compared to if you just added text or a color overlay on the computer.

Let’s get to it shall we?



Canon PIXMA iP8720 printer
poster board
craft paint
paint brushes
washi tape


1. Having a large format printer really comes in handy for projects like these. I was able to print some large photos on my PIXMA iP8720. Love the added dimension and height these large photos gave to the wall. Glad everything didn’t have to be 8.5″x11″. I printed all of the pictures out on poster board so they would hold up with the added paint.


2. Once you’ve picked your pictures and printed them out (I chose to do a handful of color and b&w photos), you can start planning out what colors you want to use and what you will actually paint on the pictures. I decided to use a limited palette to create a cohesive collection for the wall.


3. I always like to practice writing out the saying first, trying a few variations before I commit to the final design. You kinda go with the flow though too- don’t get stuck on it being perfect! I love the dry brush strokes a paintbrush can leave. Some pictures I painted a saying and on others I just painted a solid stripe of color. Have fun! Get creative! There are no rules, they’re your pictures!




5. When you’re all done. Trim up the edges and get them ready to put in frames. I chose to do a combinations of in the frame and then also just taped up with wash tape inside an empty frame. I like the combo of the 2 styles.


6. Add a few details (like succulents or figurines) for styling purposes and Voila! You’re done. Sit back and enjoy your new awesome picture wall!






Cruisin’ Around


When you travel with small children the number one thing I’ve learned is that you just gotta roll with the punches. It will always be fun and totally worth it, but there will most definitely be bumps along the way. When we were in Florida we decided last minute we would book a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas. We thought, why not right? Port Canaveral was so close to where we were staying, it seemed only right to book a small adventure. Little did we know that is was college spring break. How that slipped our minds I don’t know? but let’s just say we saw more than our fare share of drunk obnoxious dudes and pretty much naked (also extremely drunk) girls. It 1. made me feel super old and 2. made me so embarrassed for all of them. I wanted to be their mother’s and tell them they could make better choices and be more respectable than this. Seriously? When did I become so Mom like? Luckily the girls were pretty oblivious to what was going on. I think they just thought everyone was really happy. Everyone who worked on board was very nice and the cruise overall was super fun. We went on the Carnival Sensation, which had a great water park at the back of the boat and a miniature golf course the kids loved. Rowan also loved their kid’s camp. It was an adventure for sure… no naps, late nights, busy days, tight sleeping arrangements and an extreme amount of excitement for 2 little girls. It was exhausting to say the least. At the end of the day we were all glad we went (despite our unruly shipmates). Even through the difficulties of traveling with small kids I wouldn’t trade any of it.

Here are a few pictures we took and a little video we made. My favorite part of the video is when Rowan holds the GoPro down the water slide. Ooooh it’s so cute seeing her little feet going down that big slide!


















P.S. The sweet people over at Itzy Ritzy made Rowan’s life long dream of having her own suitcase (I’m serious! This girl has asked me about 1,000 times for her own suitcase) come true. She could’t wait to pack it all up and wheel it onto the cruise and through the airport on the way home. It was the perfect little travel accessory for her. Plus I loved that I didn’t have to carry all her stuff! Bonus! Make sure to check them out!

Weekly Moments


I will admit it was waaaaaay harder than I expected being away from Kev this past month. He flew in this past Friday and we all sighed a big sigh of relief. He’s here with us now until we all fly back to NY together. It’s funny how you just feel like something is missing when you’re not all together. It’s nice to feel whole again. There is nothing I love more than just being with my family. It’s been awesome to have been snowbirds these past few weeks but I am looking forward to getting home soon. We’ve had such a blast though- I really think we did a good job at trying to make the most of each day. Here are some pictures of favorite moments from the week before Kev came to join us.



IMG_0531 ^^making homemade personal pizzas for movie night

IMG_0516^^ driving papa’s boat

IMG_0501^^ yes, i am wearing socks with sandals. it was chilly!



IMG_0460^^facetiming Daddy!







Enjoy the week everyone!

My Everyday Style | 02.26.14


Soooooo… I got dressed yesterday and I decided it would be a great idea to wear a sort of white on white number. Sounds pretty chic right? Hahahhaha oh man! What was I thinking? It took me a grand total of 43 mins until my pants had dirty hand prints, drops of orange juice, acai bowl stains and one muddy foot print to realize that it was the worst idea ever. Sometimes fashion trends may not be on trend with being a Mom. Anyway, before I looked like a total mess I did really enjoy the look. Now I just need to buy some bleach and get a baby sitter before I can ever wear this look again.

Outfit Details:

Jeans: T.J.Maxx (Similar)
Cream Sweater: Thrifted (Similar)
Sandals: Target
Sunglasses: Target





Getting Passionate About Food with Annie’s


There are many things I want to teach the girls in life. One in particular that I am very passionate about is teaching the importance of healthy eating. I think it’s so important to care about where your food comes from and what ingredients are in the food choices we make. It’s never to early to get them involved, make it fun! Healthy eating isn’t about being boring and restrictive. Teach your kids to value quailty food and it’s beautiful colors and flavors. I love supporting local farms and companies that are passionate about the same things.

Annie’s is one of those companies. I don’t let many snack foods come into our house but as a busy Mom, Annie’s is a life saver! Before we left for Florida Annie’s sent the girls the most fun CSA box full of Bernie’s Farm healthy snacks, fresh vegetables, coloring sheets, and these super cute gardening kits. They were in heaven! All the fresh vegetables had notes attached to let the girls know what snacks they had naturally colored and flavored. So cool, right? The girls dove right in demanding we make the Mac and Cheese for lunch. I packed all the snacks up and brought them on the plane with us which was so helpful.





Living in the Northeast, it’s pretty hard in the winter to get local produce. That’s why when I knew we were headed down to Florida for the month, I couldn’t wait to check out all the local farmers markets. It’s one of my most favorite things to do in a new area. I love to bring the girls along and let them be a part of knowing where their food comes from. You would be surprised how much they enjoy learning about all that stuff. While searching around we found the neatest hydroponic farm with pick your own kale, swiss chard, herbs and lettuce. I had never seen anything like it before. The girls thought they were pretty special with their own personal garden shears. They were so gentle cutting all the kale leaves down. Over the past few weeks we’ve had a blast exploring a bunch of different farmer’s markets in the area. Of course we can’t get through any outing with out a stop for some snacks. Are your kids as obsessed with snacks as much as mine? Thank you to Annie’s for providing some wonderful, easy on your conscience, healthy options for kids!















This post was sponsored by Annie’s Bernie’s Farm. Annie’s Bernie’s Farm snacks are made with real fruit and vegetable extracts like beet, blueberry, and carrot as an alternative to synthetic food dyes. Their mission (which I couldn’t agree more with) is to connect kids to real food. Bernie’s Farm products feature playful barnyard shapes, including farm animals, tractors, and carrots that make snack time fun and meaningful. Kids love the delicious and fun, colorful shapes while parents can feel good about the wholesome natural and organic ingredients.

Let’s Make Puzzle Sticks


Have you ever found yourself at a busy restaurant with restless kids, slow service and your blood pressure rising? No? Just me? I feel like I find myself in this predicament quite often. Rowan is always pretty good (I love 4!) but Finley is still a loose canon. Why do the coloring sheets restaurants give kids not entertain them for longer? Anyway, at that moment I am always wishing I had some sort of magic to pull out of my purse to keep them occupied. Today I am teaming up with Canon USA today to bring you this very sort of magic… PUZZLE STICKS!!

My girls LOVE puzzles. Carrying a puzzle around with you in your purse isn’t really easy though. They’re usually too big and bulky. That’s why these puzzle sticks are so great. They 1. have a personal picture on them and 2. are super small and easy to through in a ziplock bag and keep in your purse. I promise your kids will love doing them!


Popsicle sticks/ Tongue depressors
Mod Podge
Sponge brush
X-acto knife
Printed out pictures
PIXMA MG7520 Printer
Masking Tape

1. I found some pictures that I thought my girls would really like making puzzles with. I tried to find pictures that had good use of color and didn’t have too much tiny detail. I wanted to keep the puzzles at their level. Then I wirelessly printed the pictures quick and easy from my laptop to my PIXMA MG7520. Next you will trim all your pictures.



2. Line your popsicle sticks up, making sure the edges are all perfectly aligned. Run a piece (or 2) of masking tape across the popsicle sticks to keep them in place.



3. Flip over the sticks and lay down a thin layer of Mod Podge over the front of them. Align and lay down your picture on top of the popsicle sticks. With your sponge brush, lay another thin coat of glue on top of the picture as well




4. Let the picture dry. Once dry, flip it over and remove the tape from the back. With an x-acto knife, run the blade between each popsicle stick to slice the picture on the front.



5. Finished! Puzzle is ready! You can number the sticks to help make it easier if need be. You can also use tongue depressors to make it a bit easier for a younger child. We decorated one of our puzzles with a sharpie as well. Throw them in a ziplock bag and you are ready for those restless moments that sneak up when you are out with your kids.







6/52 & 7/52






Rowan: Always climbing to the top.
Finley: She loves to say “cheese” for the camera
Sisters: Somehow these turned into our band photos so I’m posting more than one.




Rowan: Umm, how is she this big?
Finley: Remember I said she likes to say “cheese”? I wasn’t joking.
Sisters: Sisters bonding in a tree.

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