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Clogs are where it’s at my friends!

Outfit Details:

Jeans: Abercrombie
White shirt: Everlane
Plaid Jacket: Lulu’s (similar, similar)
Classic Cogs: c/o Lotta from Stockholm

Weekend Favorites


Yay! It’s the weekend. I got myself an unlimited pass to our local hot yoga studio this month and it’s been the best decision ever. Totally love the solo time sweatin’ it out in a dark, hot room. Can’t wait for my next class. This is random but Oh dear! We’ve hit another rough spot with Rowan and sleep. Why, oh why can’t this child sleep through the night. It takes every fiber of my being to be patient with her in the middle of the night with her ridiculous requests. I love her but HALP! Ok. Anyways. Happy weekend friends! Hope your’s will be filled with more sleep than mine is going to be.

Here are a few of my favorite things from the internet this past week:
1. I am pretty sure this is the best looking dessert ever.

2. Looking for the perfect buffalo plaid coat? Look no further.

3. Ahh this cat planter is amazing! So awesome.

4. James is the coolest. Love when she does her Worn posts.

5. I was at a friends house the other night and they served me a glass of wine in these glasses and I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were. I felt so fancy!

6. Rachael. Rachael. Rachael. She’s a good egg. I highly suggest you read her blog.

7. This jumpsuit is everything. So gorgeous!

8. I can’t get over these shoes! So adorable for so many reason.

9. Love this idea of putting a ribbon in your closet. What do you think?

10. I got Rowan this super cute sherpa/shag pull over this winter and ever since I’ve been desperate to find something similar for myself. Viola! The search has ended!

11. Hahaha. Love this post! It was honest, silly and super fun to read about the failures of 2014.

12. My perfect summer sandal!

13. Wouldn’t this be the perfect decoration for a little girls nursery? So cute!

14. I truly love and respect Drea’s perspective. She’s a favorite for sure!

15. I can’t quit my oversized sweater obsession. How cozy do they look? Love this one and this one. Plus who doesn’t love a good sale.

16. Rowan’s most favorite site! We do all of the projects together. She loves the painting ones best!

17. Kind of obsessed with how oddly beautiful this bathing suit is for the girls. I love it! I also love 6pm

18. This watch! Trust me!



I’ve always loved these 52 week photo projects.
One photo of Rowan and Finley each week of the year, plus one of them together because why not?
Can’t wait to see how they’ve grown at the end of the year.

1/52- rowan

1/52 -finley

1/52- both

*my girly girl
*calling Daddy

2015. Let’s do this!

*hello, awkward family photo! ahahahhahhhaa

Are you a list maker? A goal setter? I am and I’m not all at the same time. I normally like making resolutions for the New Year but this year it didn’t even cross my mind. The ball dropped and I just moved on with life. The other night I was thinking about it… why didn’t I feel the need to make them? I decided in all my 32 years that this is the first year I feel ok with who I am, where I am, and I don’t need an overall list of goals to strive for. I don’t mean any of that in a sense of being lazy or that I have it all figured out and there is nothing for me to change. I mean that for the first time, I am confident in knowing where my strengths are and honest enough to know where I fail (a lot) and I am ok with that. Getting older kind of rules in that sense. I am proud of the things I have accomplished and I am daily working on the things that I struggle with (e.g. expectations, patience, achievement). I am excited for this year! I think it’s going to be a really great one.

Last year was a big year of growth for me. I was pushed in a lot of ways out of my comfort zones and really had to trust and draw closer to Christ. I took a hard look at the things I was trying to strive for and prayed if those were right for me and for my family. Things like our eating habits, exercise, the view I had of myself, schooling, foster care, this blog and the way we spend our time and money. We made a lot of changes and are still working through some of them, but God is good and He loves us deeply. He always gave us answers when we needed them and strength to wait if need be. This verse really struck me last year “Come close to God, and God will come close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners; purify your hearts, for your loyalty is divided between God and the world” – James 4:8. That’s where I struggled most this past year I think. I was stuck between what I thought I wanted and listening to God. Ever wonder how much smoother things could have gone if you just truly trusted and listened to what God had planned for you in the first place? I always think of the Israelites in the Bible and wonder how quickly they could have gotten to the promise land if they had just been obedient. We could all save ourselves a lot of heartache. Fear and disobedience can make a journey much longer. BUT the good news is, He also redeems. We must remember that he makes ALL things new. All of our journeys, struggles, doubts, are all used for His glory in the end. I can say without a doubt the Lord used mine this past year. What hope we have in Him!

So here I am. The beginning of 2015 with an open mind and open heart. Trying to draw closer to God and listen to what’s in store for us this year. I don’t want to be divided between the world and God, I want to trust in a way that I’ve never let myself before. I want HIS work to be done.

Let’s do this 2015!!





Holiday daze


Yesterday was officially the last day of Christmas vacation (we extended it a bit because of Finley’s bday yesterday). I’m not sure I’m ready to take on a schedule again, have Kev back at work or get back into the grind of homeschooling. Once we start it will be fine- we will be back in the groove by Thursday. Although today was pretty good, maybe we will bounce back quicker than I think. Christmas already seems like a distant memory. Doesn’t it? We had a pretty low key Christmas break. It snuck up really quick and then slooowed down the few days we spent out in Massachusetts with family. The girls were at a super fun age this year for Christmas. Besides Rowan’s singed hair during Christmas Eve service there weren’t too many bumps along the way. One thing I really love about Rowan is that she is very grateful, she very genuinely says thank you for everything. She was very sweet opening all her gifts. Finley was also really into it as well. Tearing little tiny pieces of wrapping paper- it took her forever to open each gift. Every time she would get one unwrapped she would yell “OP, OP! (Open). She could have dragged on Christmas morning all day if we let her.

Being home with our parents was awesome. We are lucky to have both our parents live about 20 mins away from each other. We were able to get a few dates while we were visiting (free babysitting!!) which was a rare treat for us. Kev was also able to play hockey a few times with his friend Adam and I got to visit Amy at her beautiful shop in Worcester. We celebrated Kev’s Dads retirement, got to go swinging on the rope swing, ice skating with the girls, had a lovely NYE with friends and just enjoy time together as a family. I would do over these last 2 weeks in a heart beat.

Just stopping in to share a few random pictures from our Christmas today. Hope you all had a relaxing and wonderful time.

















Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Card



I take Christmas cards pretty seriously. I’m actually super nerdy about them. I think about them months in advance- always trying to come up with something extra special. This year got away from me though. I thought it was going to be a wash but then one day as I was looking on Minted, I realized I had forgotten about the idea of a New Year card! Boom! Minted has such a great selection of New Years cards to chose from. I am pretty obsessed with all the foil stamped ones they have. Did any of you get Christmas cards from friends with the foil? We did and they were instantly my favorites. Anyway, we decided to go with one of their Booklette cards. We have so many friends and family members scattered across the country and Canada, we figured it was a great way to catch everyone up to speed really quick on our year. The quality of the cards can’t be beat (love the gold staples they used in the binding)! I am pretty smitten with how they came out! Plus! Don’t get me started on how excited I am that all the envelopes came addressed already!

If you didn’t get around to getting out a Christmas card- try sending a New Year card instead!! Best part about it? I would say any time in January is still an appropriate time to send one out! No rush needed. If you are interested in winning a $300 gift certificate to use on New Year cards from Minted, head over to Instagram and tag your favorite photo you posted this past year with #newyearswithminted to be entered. One person will be randomly selected from entries.





Here are a few more photos from our photoshoot for the card…










*This post was sponsored by Minted.

Christmas Around Our House…


As much as I would love to have decorations for each season or holiday, I usually don’t do much other than hang the few kids decorations we make during that season. Christmas on the other hand is the one holiday I do try to put out some extra little things here and there. This year a made a few popcorn and cranberry garlands which ended up looking super cute but oooh I hated making them. Why is it so hard to get the popcorn not to break when you stick the needle in it? Is it just me? I tried to keep things simple but festive. I loved using the Naptime Diaries Advent calendar prints around the house to decorate. I totally just used cute washi tape and taped the prints over existing pictures in frames. Well… Rowan and Kev have banned me from the upstairs to wrap presents, Finley is down for a nap, bags are packed for the weekend and the excitement is beginning to build. Yippie! It’s starting to feel super Christmasy around here.










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