A Stuffed Animal 1st Birthday Party


It’s no secret around these parts that Finley is obsessed with stuffed animals. At any given moment of the day there is a good chance that Finley is holding not one but two stuffed animals. She just loves them. Especially those extra soft ones. It was an easy choice to decide to have a stuffed animal theme birthday party for her. I made little party hats for all her favorites and used them to decorate the table and dresser. We decided to have the party later in the afternoon on her actual birthday, so we just had cupcakes and ice cream and didn’t have to worry about food. I made a bunch of homemade ice cream the week before and had a ton of toppings for everyone to make ice creams sundaes. I stayed up the night before till very late (cough, cough 4:30am) setting everything up because we already had a busy Sunday morning planned. I didn’t want to have to rush around when we got back from church. Anyway, Finley was pointing, laughing and kicking her legs like crazy when she saw all her stuffed animals together. haha. Totally worth it!

What a special day to celebrate our sweet little Fin.





















A Lulu’s Birthday Giveaway!!!

One of my favorite parts of my birthday is getting to dress up special and spend the day with the people closest to me. I always start looking for a special birthday outfit weeks before my bday arrives. Do you do that too?

The lovely folks at lulu’s offered to host a fabulous birthday giveaway this week!! Help me find the perfect birthday outfit and you could win a $100 giftcard to use at lulu’s! Awesome!

Here is a little birthday outfit I made using lulu’s items. Isn’t it the cutest?


Sequined Top | Party Skirt | Wedges | Ring | Ring | Purse

To enter this $100 giveaway…

Head over to Polyvore and create a “BIRTHDAY PARTY” outfit using only lulu’s items. Then leave the link to your set here in a comment. All entries will be judged and narrowed down until a winner is chosen. Winner will be announced here on the blog next Monday, Sept. 5th.

Good Luck!

p.s. for those who don’t know, Polyvore is a quick and easy way to create collages (like the one above). You can add a “clip to polyvore” bookmark on your computer, which lets you “clip” any item from any website (like lulu’s) and brings it into polyvore. Then you can use those items to create your collage.

Little Artist Party | Happy 5th Birthday Rowan!!!


Rowan turned 5 on Saturday! What a big girl she is! For the past year, almost daily, she’s talked about what theme she’s wanted to have for her birthday. Her ideas changed every few days depending on what we did that day or what movie she just watched. She’s had a lot of ideas over the past 365 days! A few weeks ago we really started to think about her party and narrow down what she wanted to do. She’s been soooo into art lately so we sat at the computer one day and looked up artist themed birthdays on pinterest (get ready for all the rainbow colors if you do that). Anyway, she was hooked! she loved the idea of everyone having their own canvas and easel and getting to paint a picture they could take home. All in all it was a super easy and fun party to plan for (hello amazon prime!)- I didn’t go over the top or spend tons and tons of money. It was fun to let her be a part of the decorating and have a hand in her own party. We had a lot of fun! There are A LOT of ideas out there in pinterestland for artist themed bday parties. I wasn’t for all the primary/rainbow colored party ideas but I did find this post as my inspiration and then made the party fit us and our own ideas. I really, really love decorating for the girls birthday parties. It brings me a lot of joy!

Rowan made all the placemats for the table with watercolors and lots of splatters! We’ve since cut them all up and used them to make the thank you cards for her friends who came. Dual purpose!! Heck yeah! We ordered canvas boards, easels, paint brushes, aprons, paper cups and palettes from amazon (links below). I already had the craft paint. I just lined it all up for the girls to pick out the colors they wanted for their paintings. I kept the food simple. I made sugar cookies (from a box!) in shapes of 5’s and artist palettes (made with a heart cookie cutter). I made some individual fruit cups with all fresh berries, veggies cups with hummus and then the girls got a palette filled with lots of sprinkles and an undecorated cupcake that they got to go to town on decorating. You know, keeping with the artist theme and all. The girls had a blast and I loved the ease of it all. I made a few watercolor buntings with some painted papers. Just cut the shapes you want and run them all through the sewing machine. Super easy!

What a fun afternoon celebrating our little artist!


















Items from Amazon:
Easels | Canvas Board | Round Palettes | Oval Palettes | Aprons | Paint brushes | Tiny Paint Brushes | Goodie Bag Gift

Orion’s Birthday Party | It Takes A Village


When I had Rowan, I had this mentality that I could do it all. I didn’t need help because I was super mom. Whatever the situation, I could handle it by myself. Dear new Moms or ladies nearing this stage of life. THIS.IS.A.LIE! Looking back now I think, why did I do that to myself? Why have we made it so that Mom’s need to feel like they have it all together, all the time?? That we shouldn’t ever need to ask for help. Why??? Why do we feel like this? Why is help seen as such a negative thing nowadays? I know I felt like if I asked for help I was somehow not as good of a mom as other women? Ladies! This just isn’t true. You know what is soooooo freeing? Breaking from this cycle. I was at an Ergo Baby event over the summer and the swag bags were in these awesome tote bags from Savage Seeds that had screen printed on the front “It takes a village”. I started carrying it around as my purse these past few months and the more I noticed the saying, the more those words have struck a cord with me. It takes a village. It.takes.a.village. Let’s say it one more time… IT TAKES A VILLAGE!!

Raising kids is no joke. It’s beautifully hard in the best kind of way but we don’t have to feel like we have it all figured out. I’ve been realizing more and more this year just how grateful I am for “my village”. The women that pour into me, that do life with me, that encourage, that love, that speak the sometimes hard truths, that are the extra ears, eyes, hands helping, watching and loving over my children. This is what it’s all about. Close, dear friends that are there to be your village through the thick and the thin. Who see you in your best motherhood moments and the worst. Who have your back and are there to help in any situation. I am beyond grateful for the ladies (and their kids and husbands) I call my friends. I see our kids playing together as we share tears and laughter and joys over motherhood and it just warms my heart.

I promise this all has to do with Orion’s birthday party! You see, the first birthday party is really much more for the parents then the baby in my opinion. I see it as a celebration of your village. The people that surrounded you in the first year of that littles ones life. Whether it’s your 1st, 3rd or 5th the first year is all kinds of tough. So we invited all our dearest of friends and we partied to celebrate our friendships and our sweet little Orion a few weekends ago. It meant so much to have everyone there, they all have made such an important impact on our lives. We couldn’t do this without them. Thank you dear friends, you know who you are. XOXOXOXO

I went with a woodland theme for the party since we call Orion “Boo Boo Bear”, but also because Orion is a hunter in Greek mythology. We kept it as simple as we could so we could spend more time hanging out. We had it at a local park, ordered pizzas, played games, sang happy birthday and even had a sweet “after party” at a friends house. It was a great, great day!
















IMG_3307^^an epic game of sharks and minnows

The Party Post!

Sunday was an all around fantastic day. It was filled with friends, family and laughter. My heart was very full that day! I can’t believe that we are at this point. This year has flown by. It’s funny how such a tiny baby, can make such a huge impact on your life. I was sure I was going to cry as we all gathered around to celebrate her. I didn’t though. I held it together. I couldn’t be more proud of the silly, independent, sweet little girl she is turning into. What a personality!

We went with a fun, little vintage carnival theme. We had candy, games, bubbles, party hats and lots of bunting flags. Everything came together better than I ever imagined. I LOVED IT ALL!!!


and good thing the park pavillion had a kitchen with a big sink. We just hosed her down in there after the cake…

Tomorrow i’ll post a little Rowan style file featuring her beautiful birthday dress!
Plus an outfit post from Lucky FABB.
Have a great day!

Its Christmas Party Time

So every year for the past 4 years Kev and me have had a themed Christmas party. The first one (I have no pictures) was called “Kev and Jen’s Rocking Thrift store extravaganza” everyone came dressed it the most ridiculous red and green outfits they could put together from the thrift store. It was awesome!!

The next year (2006) we thought it would be awesome to have a murder mystery party. So when we fell home for the holidays from Hawaii we had our “Murder at the Four Deuces” party. It was a game pack we had bought- with characters and storylines and clues and all kinds of stuff. It was set in the flapper era so we had a lot of great costumes at that one. It was so fun. Kev was the one that got killed. haha.


The next year (2007) we had a Zombie Christmas Party. You were to come as some sort of zombie- we were planning on filming a zombie movie that night but we ended up just having a major photoshoot with everyone. We had a homemaker zombie, an artist zombie, a Christmas tree zombie (me), a pregnant (fake) zombie, and then just some everyday zombies. Everyone’s makeup was awesome.


Last year because Christmas just got to busy before hand we ended up having a New Years party. We decided to have it themed as well. Everyone was to come dressed as a decade or time period. We had the 20’s, the 50’s, the 60’s the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, some newsies, and me and Kev were way back in history and were Caesar and Cleopatra.


This year we are having another New Years party- but because we are flying home from FL that day and will probably be getting in to the apt. the moment everyone shows up, its going to be a little more laid back. But the thought of not having a themed party is a little sad. Anyone have any ideas?? Let me hear them if you do!!! What was your favorite themed party you went too?

A birthday in NYC


Guess what? I turned 30 yesterday!! I decided to take the day away from the internet and celebrate with Kev and Rowan. Yesterday was sort of a low key day at home with a nice dinner out and lots of ice cream snacks and candy for dessert. Monday however, we hopped the train and headed to nyc for the day to celebrate. It was quite grey out but we still had the best time. We walked probably 15 miles I think. I love that Kev and I are the same when it comes to that. We love exploring and that just means walking around all over the place. We started at BLT Burger for Lunch. Mmmm our favorite. Then walked The High Line, then walked all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge (checked that off my 30×30 list!), played at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, then took the ferry back up to 34th street. We walked over to Patsy’s Pizza for dinner (thank you Nat for the suggestion), then took a subway to 42nd to show Rowan Time Square. Rowan was a champ and loved almost every minute of the whole day! We had such a wonderful day. It was nice to step away from the craziness of moving and just enjoy some family time. Happy Birthday to me!


p.s. don’t mind my paint legs. It has been painting nonstop at the house and I am having a hard time scrubbing it off. Whoops.

Hello delicious lunch!
photo 3

Outfit Details:
Striped Dress: H&M (similar online dress)
Belt: Target
Flats: Forever 21
Blank NYC 2Tone Moto Jacket: c/o Lulu’s

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