Our Week in Photos…


Breakfast after a morning bath | Chamomile tea | Rising sun | Favorite Halloween Ornament | Raking leaves | Daddy’s little helper | Always needing to be outside even first time in morning | Car guy | Baking brownies | Our 1st library haul | Drilled holes in pumpkin | Her favorite place to sit | Halloween bump | Obsessed with my iphone case. Reminds me of my Dad | Halloween dance party | Minnie and Butterfly | 2 hour late night video chat with my Sister and Brother in law.

  1. Aw Rowan in her little jeans and helping you do chores is too cute!

    xo Jennifer


  2. Does that fox sweater come in my size? 🙂

  3. Is that a pic your dad took? (On the iPhone)

  4. Beautiful pictures, as usual!

    The fox sweater looks so cute! Where did you get it?

  5. Where do you get Rowan’s jeans? We need help over here! My daughter is the same age!

  6. That fox sweater is too awesome! As is Rowan’s apron. I think I need to make one for my daughter!

  7. Oh, three things.

    I had that Peter Rabbit teacup when I was a wee one! Or something similar. Love.

    FANTASTIC book stack!!

    Rowan. So sweet. She looks like a lounging teenager in the baby swing with the iPhone. ADORABLE.

  8. Rowan looks so grown up in her fox sweater and with the rake!

  9. Ok…great photos! My favorites–(First, I’ve never heard of a halloween ornament…still trying to figure that one out. :)?) Rowan baking–oh my!!! Her hair is pretty perfect I can tell. Also, her favorite chair–priceless. She is hilarious!
    Love to you and keeping you and baby in prayers!

  10. i love the halloween bump 🙂

  11. What kind of baby swing do you have? Have you liked it? (Expecting my first, looking for a smaller swing like that one for her!) Thanks!

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